IMG_4166Hola! Josefina here! I know my last cooking show didn’t turn out too great….umm, yeahhh….But this is going to be AWESOME! All you need is some fresh snow, maple syrup, and OPTIONAL – heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and créme de cocoa or some sort of liquid’y chocolate flavoring. :)

IMG_4167Put the snow in a glass or a bowl and mix it a round a bit.

IMG_4168Measure and pour how much maple syrup you’d like to be in your snowcream.

IMG_4169IMG_4170Lookin’ good!

IMG_4171You can also add heavy whipping cream to make it more “ice-creamy”/snow-creamy, vanilla extract for more flavor, or créme de cocoa to make it more chocolate-y. Or all of them!

IMG_4172Put I prefer mine pure maple syrup-y style.

IMG_4173MM-MMMM! Delish!

IMG_4174To make your own doll-sized snowcone, roll up a small ball of snow and set it somewhere cone-ish. A bottle cap turned upside down doesn’t look like a cone but oh well. Pour some maple syrup, or any of the above(whipping cream, vanilla, ect…).



Bon appetite!



P.S. don’t forget to check the post below to see dollies playing in the snow!