Madison here! I woke up this morning to my little brother yelling, “MADISON! WAKE UP IT’S SNOWING! AND IT’S NOT JUST SLEETING, IT’S ACTUALLY SNOWING! REAL SNOW! DAD SAYS SO!!! WAKE UP, WAKE UP!”

I bolted out of bed (no matter how much I wanted to stay under the warmth of the covers, no matter how tired I was, no matter how groggy my eyes were…etc…) I ran right up to the kitchen window, and sure enough! Snowing! White, beautiful snow! Everywhere! On the roof, on the ground, whirling in the air! Finally, a snow wish come true. Last year for Christmas we only got sleetish icey stuff. But snow! Wonderful white, flaky snow! I was so overjoyed. Right away I knew I had to take my dolls out to get some pictures. I’m going to hand it over to Molly now and she’ll tell you how it happened…. :)


IMG_4128“Cécile…” I said groggily, tired, and sleepy.”…I’m having good dreams….”

IMG_4129Jasmine ran over to me and ripped off the covers.

IMG_4130“WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?!” I asked. I looked around. Everyone was already up and dressed.

IMG_4131“Buenos Dias, sleepy head! Good morning!” Josefina smiled. “It is snowing outside! Real snow!”

IMG_4132I was SO excited! Snow!! I LOVED snow so much and like you’ve probably heard we only got sleet and ice last year. And it wasn’t even on Christmas. (we weren’t too bummed though. After all, we had a miracle from God.) But now it was snowing! I jumped in my boots and threw on my coat over my PJ’s, not caring if I was dressed in normal clothes or not!

IMG_4133“You forgot one thing, Molls,” Emilie told me.

“What?” I asked, pulling on my mittens. (the three little kittens, they lost their mittens…sorry, just couldn’t help myself. That thing is so funny.)

IMG_4134“Your ice skates!” I had gotten ice skates for Christmas last year. “You’re right! thanks!” I said.

IMG_4136We were SO ready to go outside!

IMG_4141Can you see the snow whirling around?

IMG_4147As soon as we opened up the door an icy wind shilled our bones! (wait a second, do dolls have bones?!) I looked for an icy patch to skate on while Cécile and Jasmine trudged through the snow.

IMG_4148Footprints! hehe!

IMG_4149(Madison here. The snow got all in their clothes and hair! I was worried at first..but I knew they’d be ok. :))IMG_4150IMG_4151I hadn’t found any ice patches to skate on. I tried to skate in the snow..

IMG_4152Even on one leg!

But it didn’t work. Not as fun.

IMG_4153I plopped myself into the snow and made a snow angel. Then I got cold and sat up, watching Cécile and Jasmine.

IMG_4155“Doesn’t really look like a snowgirl,” Jasmine admitted.

IMG_4156“Yeah, I don’t know why but the snow isn’t really sticking into balls.” Cécile added.

IMG_4157“Oh well, WHO’S READY FOR A SNOWBALL FIGHT?” Cécile shrieked as a flying snowball hit her in the stomach. They laughed and laughed, running around, throwing snowballs at each other.

IMG_4158And finally, they finished with some snow-angels!


IMG_4160 IMG_4162Here are mom and Uncle Russell’s (mom’s brother) snow angels.

I was REALLY discouraged by now. No icy patches. The snow looked fun, but I really wanted to skate on some ice. Finally mom said, “Molly, come here!” I came over to her. There was snow on all the slide. She cleared it all out, and then..

IMG_4164AND ICY PATCH WAS AT THE BOTTOM! SOLID ICE! (it looks cracked but it’s not)

“THANK YOU MOM!” I cried.

IMG_4165I skated a bit. It was so fun! Then I had snowball fights with Jasmine and Cécile…and made a floppy snowgirl….and made more snow angels….Until we were so cold we HAD to go inside! Mom had a treat for us – fresh snow with vanilla extract on top. A family favorite! A perfect way to start the morning. With a snow day!

~Olly Molly~

****DISCLAIMER**** – Madison here. DO NOT put your dolls in the snow. I did it for one quick pretty photo but all my dolls were really wet and snow was all in their faces and hair. I dried them off as quick as I could. Still, taking your dolls out with you in the snow should be ok – but be EXTRA careful with them!