Hello all! The lovely Josefina here! What do y’all say to another CCC, showing you how to make a simple doll microphone? I don’t know about you, but I’d say GO FOR IT!

So today you’ll need a paper plate, black paint, a cotton ball and a small marker, plus a parent’s permission.
Now, dollies, PLEASE don’t tell me you were planning on making this on your own. You will need your owner/human/mom to do this for you.

Madison(mom) here: So take your cotton ball and go crazy with the black paint. Get it nice and black!

Nice and nice and black!

Stick it onto your small marker just like that.

                                           Lean it against your paint bottle to dry overnight.

                                  You can also tape around it so nobody can tell it’s a marker!

                                                                  Back to Josefina:

So you’ll go from being a normal AG doll to a famous pop star singing for thousands of people! ;)
Hope ya’ll enjoyed this craft. We sure did!
~Josefina and Madison