Arf Arf! Coconut here! Yes, I’m her, the famous Coco. People mistake me for a boy. But really, I’m just a girl doggy that acts like a tomboy! Anyways, today I was just sitting in my doghouse, playing with my chew toy, when I started to really want to actually play with a human being. Cecile was over there on her bed, maybe she could play with me?

                                                                I ventured out to see.

“RRRRRUFFF! RUFF RUFF, ARF!” I barked. “Coco, I’m trying to sleep,” murmured Cecile, turning on her side.

“Arf, arf woooooff?” I asked Molly who was practicing her splits with her coach, Josefina. “Coconut!” she scolded. “You know you can’t be in the gym. Shoo, shoo.” 

Hurt, abused and mistreated, I angrily thought up a plan to get revenge on the dolls. I’d runaway! Aha! That’s it. Then they’d truly regret mistreating their beloved Coco!

I leaped to a window and opened it.

Too bad their was a thingy blocking me from jumping out. Oh well. 

I leaped onto the doll’s car. Aha! I’d drive away! That would show them. 
What do you think of the Runaway Coco series? Do you have a pet that wants to play and feels left-out?
Coco :(