IMG_3746Today using jewelry wire, some beads, and scissors, you can make your very own adorable dangles for your doll’s earrings!

IMG_3747Here are some cute red ones I’ve made.

IMG_3748Cut an inch or two out of your jewelry wire.

Make a tiny loop at one end – just big enough so the beads won’t fall down and over it.

IMG_3749Make a bead pattern. I used big light green one at the bottom, and then two small green ones at the top. Which ever bead pattern you use is up to you – you can even just hang one. Then make another loop at the top, twisting the excess around the rest of the jewelry wire a bit then trimming off the rest of the excess.

IMG_3750Slip the top loop onto your doll’s posts/earring/stud.

IMG_3751Gently slide your earring into your doll’s earring holes and you have the most adorable dangles ever!

IMG_3752I made these pretty turquoise and black ones to go with Jazzy’s outfit.

IMG_3753Here’s another better view.

IMG_3754Some green ones that I’ll probably use for St. Patrick’s Day.

IMG_3755 IMG_3756Some red ones for Valentines Day coming up next month!

IMG_3757And then some pretty pearl ones.

Cute and pretty, right? And it’s SO simple! I’m going to make some hoop earrings later for Molly because I lost hers one day… *gulp* her earrings just fell out!

~Until Next Time,