Hi! Molly here. Today, I wanted to paint.

IMG_3768Oh, um, this isn’t me. This is Jocelyn. She likes to paint too. She’s putting on a little frock to keep her clothes from getting painted, too ;)

IMG_3769Here I am, the beautiful one in the gorgeous new earrings I got. Well, I’m trying to decide which brush I want to use…hmmm…oh yeah, definitely the thicker one.

IMG_3770Well, Jocelyn has her frock on and she’s ready to PAINT!

IMG_3771I’m ready to paint too. I need a lot of red for this painting.

IMG_3772Painting, painting, painting….

IMG_3773A bit more over here…

IMG_3774Isn’t it GREAT?

IMG_3776Haha, good thing I have this apron on! Other wise, Mom probably wouldn’t be happy…..

IMG_3777Woah. Jocelyn’s painting beats mine by a mile! Wait, where are her paints? Why is her paint brush clean? Woah, there aren’t any brush strokes? What? Heyyyy, this is a fake! Silly Jocelyn!

Do you like to paint? Remember, if you’re a doll, only paint with your Owner/Human/Mom supervising you. It can get pretty messy!

Much love,


And sneaky little Jocelyn! hehehe….