Hey, everybody! It’s your beloved Chloe Zoey here.

IMG_0002I’ve come to show you all some fun finds we were given! We can’t technically call them fun finds, can we, because we didn’t find them, huh? One of Madison’s family’s missionaries is staying with us and brought back gifts for each of us from the country he’s a missionary to.

IMG_0004This doll-sized bag is one of the things he gave to Madison! Of course, we dolls claimed them immediately.

IMG_0006Isn’t it cute?

IMG_0008It even unzips to reveal plenty of room inside for storing books for school or mini doll accesories for dolly sleepovers. The inside is a beautiful Tyranian purple.

IMG_0010Next, we have this little thing!

IMG_0012It unzips in two places.

IMG_0013IMG_0014Finally, we have this! Ellie, as creative and crafty as she is, wants to add a ribbon to it so we can wear it as an over-the-shoulder bag.

IMG_0015Isn’t the pattern so pretty?

IMG_0016And of course, it unbuttons!

IMG_0019Well, that’s all for today!

Which bag was your favorite? Do you have any favorite fun finds for your dolls?