IMG_0001Hey everybody! It’s me, Ellie! I’m here to introduce to you my new friends. Taylor on your left and Phoebe on your right!

IMG_0002Here we are shaking hands! Taylor and Phoebe belong to Madison’s Floridian best friends.

Speaking of which…

IMG_4816Hey guys! Madi here! These are my best friends in Florida. Sierra, age 12, on your left and Marissa, age 9 on your right. Sierra and Marissa are sisters, just like my two best friends in Texas are! Isn’t that so cool? They came over for a sleepover a few weeks ago, and it was very fun. :D :D :D

IMG_4820Here is us being really goofy. ;)

Stay tuned for my newest stopmotion coming up soon! I leave for summer vacation on Saturday, so I only have a few days left to finish it. See you in the next post!


With Sierra and Marissa!