Today is a really special day for us. Exactly three-hundred and sixty-five days ago, Delightful World of Dolls was started! At fist, we started through Blogger. The old site is still running, but we don’t post on it anymore.


We first started this site through WordPress in July, though we had been planning it out since early June. We used the Blogger Import feature to import all of our stuff from the old Delightful World of Dolls into here, and that’s why some of the links you may click included in old posts might link back to the old Delightful World of Dolls. We’re still working on replacing the old links with the ones linked to this site, though.

We are so thankful to have a new site through WordPress, to even have this site, and special thanks to:

My dad – for helping me get this blog started, when I wanted a Picasa album, but you have to be 13 to have one of those, so my dad suggested I could have a free blog to share all my adventures and photostories with Molly on there. He’s helped me promote this website and my old blog in so many ways, introducing me to iMovie, making headers for the site, giving me post and stopmotion ideas…everything.

God – my dad wasn’t even going to let me have a blog in the first place. But God told my dad, “Go on, let her have a blog!” I thank God and my dad so much for enabling me to have the blog and now this website in the first place. :)

Mr. Wil – Mr. Wil is a man in our church. He is suuuuper tech-y (even more technical than my dad!) and he helped us a lot with this site, getting plug-ins installed, fixing bugs, he’s helped us A LOT! I thank him a bunch for helping me get this new site! :)

and YOU GUYS! My old blog got so many comments and views and it really took it to a whole ‘nother level. Now that we’re on this new site, sooo many girls get ideas for their dolls. From hairstyles to stopmotions, AG movies to photostories, crafts to chats, you guys all made us get where we wanted to go by just viewing a post or commenting your thoughts. We started out as a simple blog wanting to share photstories with ya’ll – and now we’re a WEBSITE with a goal to help girls find crafts and play ideas for their dolls! :D

I am so happy that I’ve had a whole year with this blog, even in the ups and downs, tech problems, and picture watermarking.

Thank you for making it great! Thank you for making…

where it is today! :D

Be sure to visit or very first post imported from Blogger

I’m Molly and You Know It

and the original first-ever post:

I’m Molly and You Know It

(feel free to comment on our old blog, but keep in mind we probably won’t comment back.)

I am so happy for this awesome site, and over a year I’ve gotten four more dolls to accompany Molly!(poor Molly, she had to hang out with the Barbie’s all the time. Uh oh! Here come the troublemakers…) I am so blessed and thankful.

Have a wonderful and blessed day now!