Can you believe the Christmas Craft Collab is almost over? Tomorrow, Light4theLord will post the final craft, and it will be DONE. FINISHED. FINITO.

Be sure to check out the recent crafts! On Christmas Eve, if you’ve sent in any pictures of any CCC craft, they’ll be featured along with a recap of all the crafts.

The most recent Christmas Craft Collab craft is Light4theLord’s fabulous reindeer headband! You have GOT to check it out and make it. And, of course, take a picture and email her or me.

For my last CCC craft, I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful easier-than-it-looks daisy chain bracelet or necklace to pack into tiny doll-sized boxes.

They’re the perfect gift for if your dolls are participating in a gift exchange or even for you to give to another fellow doll-lover!

To make this craft…

You Will Need:

  • doll-sized boxes (wrap the pieces in pretty Christmas wrapping paper beforehand)
  • small beads (doll-sized beads!)
  • bracelet elastic (the thinner, the better)
  • scissors
  • (optional) sewing needle (my needle ended up having too small of an eye for my elastic to fit through)

Step 1

Cut a good-sized piece of your elastic. If you’re like me, you do no measuring and it turns out perfectly. Considering my destructive tendencies, this is a miracle.

Step 2

Knot one end of your elastic multiple times to keep the beads from falling off.

One trick I use is to clamp the handles of the scissors down right after the knot (why does the picture say “before”?? Pretend I knew what I was doing.). But since my beads were small enough and my knot was big enough, I ended up not having to do this.


Before we get into step 3, let’s discuss beads. It’ll help to make them all different (but coordinating) colors to tell the difference.

  • SPACE BEADS = these beads go in between your daisies. In my pictures, they’re light blue.
  • PETAL BEADS = these beads are the petals of your daisy. In my pictures, they’re purple.
  • CENTER BEADS = you’ll use the fewest of these beads. They’re the center of your daisy. In my pictures, they’re teal.

Step 3

String 5-6 (I recommend 5) space beads on your string.

Step 4

Now string one petal bead, your center bead, and 3 more petal beads.

Step 5

If your elastic is thin enough, threading it through a sewing needle will help. If not, be awesome and use your bare hands to create this awesomeness.

Take the end of your vestal and string it back through your first petal bead.

Step 6

Like so! Add 3 more petal beads.

Step 7

Then, string your elastic over the center bead and through the first petal bead after it.

Step 8

Ta-da! It’ll look like this. Continue with more space beads and repeat the daisy-making process.

Just keep beading, just keep beading… not that I support Dory but just keep beadinggg

Step 9

After being amazed at how the amount of string you cut turned out to be the perfect size, tie the ends together in, like, six or seven knots because you like going beyond. XD

And that’s how you make a daisy chain bracelet! You can make these longer into necklaces, and they look amazing.

Taryn loves hers. Except I’m going to have to convince her to give it away in the exchange, not keep it. XD

Step 10

Put those adorable bracelets into mini boxes, and you’re good to go!

You don’t have to give only daisy-chain bracelets. This box contains a beautiful bead-and-weave-braid bracelet from Livy (she gave me 10 for my birthday!), another gorgeous bead-and-weave-braid bracelet from Light4theLord (she also gave me 10 for my birthday!), an amazing rainbow loom bracelet from Chloe (she also gave me some for my birthday! XD) and a beaded bracelet made by me. And, of course, the daisy chain bracelet we just made.

Looks like this one’s got a nice variety too. Two necklaces (the one with blue beads and the gold bead pendant was made for me by Allie [check out that old post of mine from over three years ago IF YOU DARE also witness the power of WordPress’ weird auto-watermarks]), a pearl bracelet, and some earring studs and dangles.

Uh, Taryn, I don’t think that’s going to work.

Determined to do it anyway. Okay. XD

If you made this or any other CCC craft (2016 or 2017!), Light4theLord and I would love to see! Send in any pictures to L4TL at or me at madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com by December 23rd to be featured in the Christmas Craft Collab Recap on Christmas Eve!

Do your dolls like giving presents? Do you give presents to your dolls? Do your dolls give presents to you? XD