no-sew american girl doll shirt cecile

Looking for a simple, no-sew American Girl doll shirt craft to make in less than five minutes? I’ve got a super easy one to share today!

no-sew american girl doll shirt dolls

I love sewing, but I had to find something real quick that matched with my doll’s pants. And it had to be something another doll hadn’t already worn in the series I was making.

no-sew american girl doll shirt both dolls

I put my brain to work.

As a result, I ended up with a no-sew American Girl doll shirt that was super simple, super cute, and something that could be worn more than once!

Materials for Making the No-Sew American Girl Doll Shirt

  • A piece of clothing that has a long seam (legging pants leg, a dress, or a skirt). Stretchy fabric works best!
  • Scissors
  • Your doll (for measurements)
  • And an adult’s permission to cut up clothing

Let’s get started!



1. First, lay your fabric flat and folded directly at its long seam.

2. After that, lay your doll on top. Cut two slits where you would like the sleeves to end.


3. Make a large square from where you cut the slits. Be sure it is the length you want the shirt to be.


When you open it up, it should look something like this.


4. Lay the folded square on your doll and cut two slits where you would like the hole for her head to be.


5. Then cut a nice crescent shape.


6. After that, slip the shirt over your doll with her head through the hole.


7. Now cut a long, thing strip of fabric.

It can be from the same fabric you cut the shirt out of, or a different color or pattern for a pop of color! Again, stretchy fabric works best.


8. If it’s stretchy, pull on it so the sides curl inward.


9. Pull both edges of the shirt together so they overlap.

10. Then tie the string around the doll like a sash. You can tie it in a bow or a simple knot.


And that’s literally it! I’m always amazed with how this turns out.



  • If you need to, make some final adjustments. For instance, I trimmed the bottoms of Josefina’s shirt so they were even, or you might round the neck hole a little more.


  • Remember that you can also make the sashes a different color or pattern. I like the way it blends in, however.


  • Make them in all different colors so they’ll match whatever bottoms need a top!


If you make this no-sew doll shirt, let me know!

In addition, if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.