Hi, girls! I have something interesting you’ll get to decide on later in this post, but first of all, I just want to say… I got Invisalign today (hence why this un-scheduled post is so late :P )!

Oh my goodness! :o It feels weird. 0.o I’m also getting this thing called Propel (more shots! Yay! … Not. :P ) that will speed the entire process from 17 months to 3 and a half months! Can you believe it?! Perfectly straight teeth in three and a half months! And I give you my word, I have the most crooked teeth of anybody in the world that I’ve ever seen in my entire life (not kidding). I’m super excited! LOL! Regular braces for someone with mildly crooked teeth would still take years! Thank God for modern technology! Three and a half months… perfectly straight teeth…

Aaaanyway. ;) Besides that, I’ve been doing a little thinking lately (correction: I’m always thinking :P ) about Emilie’s name.

When I first got her, I changed the spelling of her name from Emily to Emilie just because I wanted something a little more unique. And then, over a bit of time and for years, I just began spelling it like Emelie. No idea why. :P

I finally decided to change it back to Emilie only recently in Emilie’s Birthday Photoshoot Video.

But then I got to thinking again (well, I’m always thinking ;) )…

Everyone knows her as Emelie now. I’ve grown to liking it that way, too. We’re all used to it. Should I change it back to Emelie instead?

And then I had a neat idea. Hey! Why not let my DWOD readers decide? I’m fine with whatever spelling, honestly!

Would you like to vote for which spelling of Emelie/Emilie’s name you like the best?

If you voted, thank you SO much! The poll closes on November the 15th.

Oh, and stay tuned for HOTH Season 2, Part 9! I’ll post it on Friday. I had tons of fun writing it. ? *relishes in the awesomeness of all things dramatic* ?

Which name did you vote for?