Madison here! Ooh, I love this style so much! With all this talk about a new Historical Character from AG from the 1950’s, I just had to show you all an adorable 1950’s-looking-hairstyle!

Note that this hairstyle works best on non-super-curly haired dolls with bangs.

IMG_4513You will need:

A Brush
A mister, if you want to rid the frizzies
A couple of bobby pins
And two hair elastics.

IMG_4514Brush your dolls hair completely, misting it to make sure it’s not super frizzy.

IMG_4515After brushed, separate your dolls hair into two even sections.

Now braid one of the sections. If you do not know how to braid, AG can show you. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

IMG_4516After braiding, tie off with a hair elastic. Repeat with the other section of your dolls hair.

IMG_4517Yay! Now you have two braids.

IMG_4518Take a braid and pull it to the front, then take the little puff of hair sticking out from your doll braid and gently pull it back to the very start of the braid, like shown,

IMG_4520With a bobby pin, insert it in place. (don’t let your bobby pin hang halfway out! In the picture, it’s only halfway in.)

IMG_4521Repeat with the other braid.

Doesn’t this look so cute? You can leave it like this, or…

IMG_4522Gently sweep the braids so the side and up..

IMG_4523insert a bobby pin for extra cuteness (the bangs should stay in place, but the bobby pin makes it look…well, cuter! :))

IMG_4524Wear it with a long and floaty skirt, maybe even a poodle skirt, to get the full 50’s look!

Let me know if you try this style on your doll!

Are you excited about the new 1950’s historical character from AG that’s said to come out next year? What are your thoughts on it?