Hey, girls! Today we had school…Madison(mom) as the teacher! Share our adventure with us!

We all dressed in outfits appropriate for a school day–Me in my meet outfit with a hat much like my accessory one except it’s red, Cecile in her summer outfit, and Josefina in her school outfit (lol) and her robozo. We all had bags for carrying our snack in. Then, we all had to get to school which was in the living room. 

Josefina on the second oldest transportation–horses! (the oldest use of transportation is walking)

Cecile and I in the most modern– cars. (ok, maybe jeeps are not the most modern means of transportation, but you still get the idea.)
“Now, don’t go too fast, or your bags will spill out of the back.” mom warned us. “Yes mom,” we said in unison, half-listening. 

We were going slow until we saw Josie. We could beat her! I pushed the gas pedal with all my might. “See yaaaaaa!” I called out as we sped passed her, upsetting Gingersnap (the horse) and almost knocking Josefina off. “Oops, my bad!” Cecile cried out, and then we burst into a fit of giggles. Josefina was shouting something. “Cecile! Molly! You forgot your–” and then we were too far away to here her.

We parked by the classroom, giggling over how we had beat Josie.

 We hung our hats up and waited for slow poke Josie to get here. Finally she came and hung her hat up, then sat down at another table. Then she hung her bag up. Bag. Bag….there was something missing. With the word bag…I was confused. All of the sudden it hit me like a rock. Uh oh.

“Students,” Miss Madison(mom) called out. “Please hang up your bags.” Josefina had already hung up hers. “Cecile? Molly? Please hang up your bags,” Miss Madison repeated. 

Josefina’s pretty purple bag.

I squirmed in my seat. Josefina had shouted and tried to tell us we had forgotten our bags. I looked at Cecile uneasily. Cecile looked at me, too. “Umm….we forgot our bags,” she finally said. “Really? How could you have forgot your bags? When you left home you had them,” Miss Madison questioned. I spoke up this time. “Well, we, um…kinda sped up on the way, trying to beat Josie, which had upset Gingersnap, and on the way our bags fell out of our car.” Miss Madison told us to go get our bags and then apologize to Josie.

We hurried to search for our bags driving down the road. Because of this, we were late. The wind had blown our bags farther down the road (the window was open). 

Because we were late we had to sit in the corner while Josefina got to draw.  Then we apologized to Josie and took our seats. Josefina was always loving and forgiving so she kept on saying, “Oh it’s alright! It’s fine!” 

We started with math.

 Then we had spelling and penmanship practice.

And we had a snack afterwards! Yummy banana’s! Miss Madison (mom) doesn’t really like banana’s. WHO COULDN’T LIKE BANANA’S?!?!?!!!

 Science was all about butterflies! We named different kinds, then played a butterfly game, and then matched the butterfly stickers with their shadow on the paper.

 And then we colored a picture of the world for Social studies/geography.

And then, ugh, we had to work on memorizing cursive letters. I don’t like cursive very much…print is the way to write! Who’s’ with me?!

We packed up our homework, then read from the Bible, and then…..

We all had to use the bathroom before we left.

Josefina then gathered her robozo and bag, then climbed up onto Gingersnap. She galloped off, wild and free. We had to stay and let mom tell us why it was important not to startle Gingersnap, lose our bags and try to compete with our siblings. 

Then we gathered our belongings and drove (slowly) home!
A pretty good beginning of the school week, I guess you could say. How was yours? Mom is so lucky…she’s home-schooled. But then that means she has more time to public-school us! Yikes! Who doesn’t want to have less school? ;)
Hope ya’ll are having a great day!
Molly, Josefina and Cecile
(with Miss Madison the teacher! lol)