Hey girls! We’re going to be doing a new thing called shout out your doll site. We love looking at other girls blogs–but they don’t seem to have many comments or views! SO we’re doing this thing were you can comment with the link to your doll site (or AG message board, or favorite doll site, etc) and we’ll add it on here! Today, we’re doing the shout-out with ME!!!

SUPER MOLLY!!!! Flying through the air to save her world from great dangers, dangerously dangerous super-villains and her beloved animals! She flies, leaps, and jumps through the air! *trumpet blast* Surely it can be no other than SUPER MOLLY!!!!

LOL ;)

So comment with your doll site or favorite doll site! Please, only links to site related to dolls or American Girl.
We’d also love if you’d put our site on your site (if you have one) also! :)



Sited added:
Abbie’s site, http://madnessandfun.blogspot.com/

Abbie’s doll’s site, http://madnessandfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com/

Layla W’s site, http://countrygirlstudios.blogspot.com/

Kananirulz’s site, http://dollsondablog.blogspot.com/

Meg’s dolls blog, http://sixdollssixtimesthefun.blogspot.com/

Jaclynn’s site, http://www.littlehouseofamericangirl.com

Vivans’s doll’s site, AGdollfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com

Liz’s site, americangirlfan.com

Addy Rose’s blog, www.addyrosewalker.blogspot.com

Hope’s site, www.agdollysisters.blogspot.com

AmericanGirl1972’s site, www.americangirl1972.blogspot.com

Anna-Marie’s site, www.dollhousediva.com

Sparkie’s site, fromadollseyes.blogspot.com

AmericanGirlFan1010’s blog, http://www.DelightfulDolly.blogspot.com

Jackie’s messageboard, agisawesome.boardhost.com