Hiya! Are you enjoying your Sunday? Getting a rest after church? Not for Madi. By the time you’re reading this, her service is probably still going and she has to lead praise and worship again. To help her out, I, Ellie, volunteered to post this today for her since she won’t be back until around 2 and then has to leave again a few hours later. Now wasn’t that so nice of me since she’s so busy? ;) Just kidding. I’m glad to do it. ;)

Anyway. The closing date of August 31st is approaching quickly! If you haven’t already voted on which photo story series you’d like for Madison to make a second season, no need to go and try to find it. You don’t even have to look over on the sidebar, if you’re feeling lazy. Here’s the poll, right here!

So yeah. :) So far, Hang on to Hope is in the lead. I’m really surprised, since Madison didn’t even really like HOTH that much. You know I thought for sure Mines of Malaysia or Little Orphan Emmi would win? Ha, maybe it’s because y’all like seeing me as one of the main characters! ;) Just kidding again. Sorry, I just had this really delicious cupcake Josefina made for Chloe’s upcoming birthday, so I might still be on a sugar rush… Hehe. Don’t worry, I’ll crash soon. ;)

ElliePic2Oh! Chloe’s birthday! I can’t believe I almost just totally forgot what Madison told me to mention. Chloe’s birthday is this Tuesday! So check back on Tuesday to see a really pretty photoshoot of her. :D

In the meantime, I’m getting kinda tired all of the sudden. It’s Sunday; I might as well go take a nap. Yaaawwwn… Oh, dear, that sugar crash is coming. :P

Bye, y’all!