Yep, Molly had a birthday photoshoot, too! The reason it’s posted so late is because I had the trouble with my photos, but I got it fixed, so here are the belated birthday photos of my beautiful Olly Molly!

Get ready for a boatload! ;)

IMG_0054Smile, Olly Molly!

IMG_0055I love the vibrant colors.

IMG_0094By the fence….

IMG_0091See her pretty little birthday bracelet?

IMG_0090Her socks and Mary Janes are so cute!

IMG_0089I really like the red bows on the end of her braids.

IMG_0088Her smile is so sweet. :)

IMG_0087IMG_0086I really like this angle! :)

IMG_0085IMG_0084And these angles, too.


IMG_0082Bokeh! :)

IMG_0081Notice how incredibly tiny my watermark is? I’m still having just a little difficulty with my photos… but they’ll get fixed soon. :P

IMG_0080Have you noticed that red thingy, and then that wire going out from the tree? That’s the end of our zipline!  :)

IMG_0078I wonder if any of you have noticed that I use this tree spot for a lot of my photoshoots! The pictures end up so great, and the bokeh is so pretty.

IMG_0077Yep, this is one of my favorites!

IMG_0076Feeling a little tired, Molly?

IMG_0075Well, you chose a nice place to lie down and rest.

IMG_0074I wish the grass was greener, though. That would make the photo a lot nicer. ;)

IMG_0073IMG_0072Sweet Olly Molly. :)


IMG_0070IMG_0069Maybe this should be a new profile picture? Actually, one of the close-ups would make a better profile picture…

IMG_0068IMG_0067Her shadow is so cute!

IMG_0066Look at the wind blowing her dress and bows! I really like this photo. Actually, I like nearly all of them. Molly is really photogenic!

IMG_0065I do not like this one. I focused it wrong. :/

IMG_0064I like this one though! :)

IMG_0063Ooh, and this one!

IMG_0062IMG_0061IMG_0060I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing me say this, but… I really like this picture, too!

IMG_0059IMG_0057Happy birthday!

IMG_0056The cute little red bows… :)

IMG_0058Molly says goodbye! She also says thanks for looking at her pictures.

Which one is your favorite? Don’t worry, I’ll take the time to count one, two, three, etc. from the top. ;)


:) Madi and Molly :)