icecream1Hey guys! Jazzy here. It’s after dinner, and I’m still kinda hungry. So I’m going to find a snack.

icecream2Hmmm… What looks good?

icecream3I’m a very picky eater, and none of this looks like a good after dinner snack.

icecream4 icecream5 icecream6 icecream7Geez, I’m starving but I don’t want to eat any of this. There’s gotta be something that’s perfect for after dinner.

icecream9Cécile comes up to me. “Hey! Whatcha doing?”

“I’m still hungry so I’m looking for something else to eat.” I answer.

“Any luck so far?” She asks.

“No,” I reply, and I watch her face break into a mischevious grin.

“Want to break out the ice cream with me?”

icecream10My jaw drops. “Wha?”

“Shall we?” Cécile asks as she opens the freezer, revealing a delectable, mouth-watering tub of Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell ice cream.

I return her mischevious grin.


*Five minutes later*

icecream11“Cécile, you have the best ideas ever.” I tell my best friend happily as I dig into a scoop of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream.

“Aw, how kind of you to say,” Cécile grins as she takes another bite.

icecream12“Let’s hope none of the other dolls find out,” I mention aloud.

“Why?” Cécile asks, licking her spoon.

“‘Cause I want to eat this whole thing.”

icecream13And you know what?

icecream14That’s exactly what we did!

icecream16There’s not much sweeter than two best friends and a tub of chocolate ice cream.

icecream17The only evidence that remained of the ice cream was this! Hehehe. Now let’s just hope none of the other dolls find out we ate the entire tub of chocolate ice cream… ;)

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?


♥ Jasmine ♥