And the Christmas festivities here at DWOD have officially begun! I’m so excited.

To kick them off, the phenomenal Light4theLord from Dolls N’ All so graciously agreed to do another Christmas Craft Collab with me just like last year, despite being busy with her Christmas special going on. THANK YOU L4TL!

Light4theLord already posted the first craft of CCC 2017 yesterday right here! I was supposed to post my craft on Friday, but can you believe that I forgot I had to announce the winner of the Create-Your-Own doll giveaway on that day? So she was super awesome and let us switch dates for this week.

I’ll dive right into the craft today!

You Will Need:

  • craft foam of your color choice (whatever you want the color of the star to be)
  • star shape (to trace)
  • pen
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glitter glue
  • adult’s permission to make use the hot glue gun to make something awesome and potentially messy
  • or you could be evil like me because I actually never ask permission when I make a craft? >:) I don’t recommend it, your parents might get mad at me. Don’t learn from me. Please.

Step 1

Trace your star shape onto foam with the pen. I used my doll-sized Christmas tree star I already had for this, but you could print out a star outline.

You could make your Christmas tree star in the shape of diamond, like that of the traditional idea of the star over Bethlehem, or a regular star. I only had this star shape to trace, so I went with a classic star.

Step 2

Go ahead and cut your star shape out. Preferably, avoid cutting yourself. I did not avoid it. Ow. ?

Step 3

Using your star shape as a template, trace it on the foam.

You should have two identical star shapes. They’re so cute! ?

Step 4

To make the cone base for the star, draw and cut a strip of foam 4 inches long by two inches wide.

Or you could wing it like I did and not use a ruler since that wasn’t part of the You Will Need section; my wing-it measurement ended up being exactly 4″ x 2″.

Step 5

Take a corner of the rectangle (make sure it’s horizontal so the corner you get is one with the short side on the… side) and pinch it. Continue to roll the entire rectangle; we’ll fix what overlaps in the next step.

Step 6

Trim the bottom of the foam rectangle that overlapped to make the cone.

Step 7

Glue your cone together like so. Be sure not to burn yourself, unlike me. I think I’m a danger to myself. XD

Your cone should end up looking more like the one on the left, which was my second attempt. Otherwise, gluing the entire foam creation together will be harder.

Step 8

Lay the first star shape down with the pretty un-marked-from-the-pen-side laying face down. Then glue the smaller top of the cone to the bottom of the star shape.

Step 9

Glue the second star shape on top, the pretty side facing up.

The other side of the star might overlap and show, which looks pretty ugly. But don’t worry.

Step 10

Trim whatever overlaps on the side you want to show. Try to avoid accidentally cutting yourself again… ?

Whew, that star looks a lot better!

But you know I never settle for better.

Step 11

Time to take it up a notch. Whip out that handy-dandy glitter glue, which I discovered right before I started taking photos for the craft in the top drawer of my loft bed desk. You might check there if you think you have no glitter glue. Maybe my lonely glitter glue tube has some relatives hanging out in the darkness of your desk drawers.

Step 12


Step 13

If you’re impatient like me, don’t wait for the glue to dry at all. Heh heh. Just go ahead and slide the cone onto the most vertical branch of your doll’s Christmas tree and call it a day.

If your tracing skills aren’t absolutely wonky like mine, your star should end up a lot prettier.

If not, just jazz it up with some glitter glue, don’t wait for it to dry, mess it up trying to put it on two different doll Christmas trees, and laugh at your craft skills.

Like me.

If you made this craft, I’d love to see!

You can send any pictures of any CCC craft (2017 or 2016) to me at madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com, or Light4theLord at! And be sure to check out her craft!

Do your dolls have a Christmas tree?