Greetings, everyone! Emelie here! September 29th was my birthday – but every single person forgot it, including me! So we celebrated it today. However, it didn’t turn out the way I really hoped…oh, well, just read on! ;)

IMG_1436I was dragged outside to the backyard. “What’s going on?” I asked while laughing.

IMG_1437“You can’t keep secrets from me!” I said in my British accent (try it.)

IMG_1438Coconut came along too.

IMG_1439“Well, remember a few days ago on September 29th? Um, well, we completely forget about your birthday! We’re SO sorry!” Joy spoke up.

IMG_1440“Oh, no matter, I didn’t remember either.”

IMG_1441“Well today we are celebrating your birthday! Just, um, a few days late.” Cécile said.

IMG_1442“Yup!” Jaz agreed.

IMG_1444“Now it is time for your present,” Josefina told me.

IMG_1443“Oh, thanks, you girls, but you really don’t have to–“

IMG_1446Joy jumped up. “Too late!”

She dashed behind a tree and came back with a red box. I gasped. I saw the words American Girl on it. My heart raced. Could this be the doll I always dreamed about? For as long as I could remember, I had wanted mini Emily. I longed for her and wished and hoped and yearned and just dreamed of having her for my own.

IMG_1447My heart sank when I realized it was just an outfit box. I could barely keep from crying. Didn’t they know I wanted a doll!?

I plastered on a happy, excited face, though. I was being selfish. My friends worked hard to get this gift for me. I had to be thankful, doll or not!

IMG_1448“Open it!” Joy urged. I leaned over the box. There were beautiful roses tied with an elegant bow on it.

IMG_1449I pretended to gasp and smile and be all excited. “Thank you! This dress is awesome! I thought it was Joy’s?” “I was just wearing it until your birthday. Madison really bought it for you.” I smiled and thanked all my friends.

 IMG_1450“The print is lovely,” I exclaimed, which was true.

IMG_1451“That bow would look great in my hair! And I’ve been needing new shoes too, these are wonderful. Thank you, thank you all,” I said with pretend happiness. I felt like kicking myself. You should be GRATEFUL. I tried to tell myself. Wishing won’t do any good, perhaps you will get the doll someday, but until then, be grateful for what you have, you are lucky to even be here!

IMG_1452I gave hugs to everyone, thanking them.

IMG_1456 IMG_1455 IMG_1454IMG_1453

IMG_1457“These flowers are beautiful,” I said, my voice cracking. It was no use. Was I going to break down and cry? This was pathetic. Crying over…a…a……doll…….

My eyes welled up. I couldn’t take it.

IMG_1458I dove down next to Coconut and closed my eyes, pretending to snuggle with the dog.

IMG_1460All I wanted was the doll…why didn’t anyone know that??????

I regained my emotions by telling myself I’d get her for Christmas. Hopefully.

Cécile jumped up and said, “I have another present for you, Emelie!” My heart jumped up.

I was getting the doll.

IMG_1461Instead, Cécile sang a birthday song to me.

IMG_1463It was beautiful nonetheless but I really had hoped she was going to give me a doll.

IMG_1462  IMG_1464She finished beautifully. I clapped with all the others. Cécile had a true talent.

IMG_1465“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Cécile gave me a hug.

IMG_1466Then she laid down. I laid down too. I smiled. So I didn’t get the doll. Maybe next time, maybe for Christmas? Instead of hoping and wishing, why not enjoy the time with friends. It was my birthday, I was supposed to be happy!

IMG_1467Molly laid down too. It was BEAUTIFULLY cool weather. In the shade with a nice cool breeze, I felt on top of the world. I looked forward to Christmastime, but for now, I was content just hanging out with friends.

Madison brought out cupcakes for us all and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me.

Yes, I thought and smiled to myself. I really am happy.

The end!

Have a great day! :)

P.S. I discovered ♥! I will be signing my name off with ♥’s from now on! I should be posting more often, I’ve just been so busy.

P.P.S. This is what I want for Christmas.