Hello girls! I am SO sorry I haven’t been on Delightful World of Dolls lately to deal with certain things. Saturday night my brother busted his chin and he had to get stitches, and we had been traveling to and from a family reunion that day so when we got to bed we were absolutely exhausted. Sunday we had another Worship Art Class – might I say, a family day and we had performances and open mic and I sung a solo of Amazing Grace and we premiered our class movie! When we got back, it was again late and my family and I were completely pooped out! Today I took it easy this morning and then recently decided to take some photos for a blog post (Mines of Malaysia is put on hold, though, until I can retrieve the missing pink gem….arrrrg!).

When I came on here, I wasn’t happy.

I’m assuming most of you know what I am talking about. I am not mad, angry, or anything like that at any of you – at all – but the comments on the previous post went out of hand. So from now on, comments will be moderated. Absolutely no comment will appear unless it is approved by me first. You have a right to your opinion and say whatever you want about my posts – I want your opinions so I can make more interesting and exciting posts! But to make sure fights and inappropriate postings do not happen, all comments will be reviewed by me before they will be posted. If you have an issue with what someone commented after it has been approved by me, you can contact me about it here.

I’m sorry to have to do this, because I really wanted everyone to post freely as long as everything was kept nice. Little disagreements do happen, and they always will until the end. But what happened was really not good, so, therefore, comments will be moderated.

I hope you have an amazing day and will continue to comment in spite of things! I love you all and am so blessed you like this blog-site! Stay tuned for an upcoming photoshoot of my GOML dolls!

and the dollies!
along with Coconut ;)