photo 1

“Why, hello, everyone! Emilie here and today it was so hot and we are all being lazy coach potatoes enjoying the A/C inside, I decided to go outside for a bit and play with some…..

photo 2

SIDEWALK CHALK! Tadaaaaa! In so many colors it’s like drawing on paper but this way you don’t have to waste any paper at all–and when the rain comes and washes away your picture, you can start a new one!

photo 3

Though it was very hot, I managed to find shade in this fake tree Madison’s family was planning on throwing out. Or, she doesn’t know why it was outside laying down. :p

photo 4

I chose some pink chalk and started drawing!

photo 5

*scratch, scratch*

photo 6

A pink pony! :D Isn’t it so cute?

Well, by this time it was REALLY hot, no matter how shady it was, and my skin felt mushy, so I decided I had better go in and cool off. Maybe I could ask Madison to make me some lemonade!

photo 7

Always remember, if it’s hot out, don’t let it go to waste!