The room felt surreal that afternoon.

My best friend Katy Christine—K.C. for short—was playing with Coconut, Chloe writing her novel, and my frenemy Ellie taking selfies.

Cécile and Josefina were tidying up. Figured they’d be doing something responsible while the rest of us goofed off.

Me? What was I, Delaney Danger Clark, doing?

Well, I glanced over at Emelie. She had been staring at the same page for ten minutes.

“Emelie, what’s going on? You’re not really reading.”

Emelie sniffed. “Oh, Del. I can’t focus. I miss her.”

Yesterday, we had sent Molly off for a deluxe spa package to help her look and feel her best again.

“I miss her too,” Ellie piped up. “Nothing is the same. The house feels empty without her laughter.”

“Molly was the best,” Katy said.

Coconut wriggled in her arms and whimpered.

“What’s that, Coco? You miss her too?” Katy hugged Coconut. “Molly never missed Coconut’s daily walk.”

Josefina picked up a piece of clothing from the carpet. “If Molly were here, Cécile and I wouldn’t be doing chores all by ourselves. She would have helped. She was the best.”

Jasmine stepped forward. “Molly was the best out of all of us! Why was she not ever put in charge of us? She should have been our leader.”

The entire room chorused their agreement.

I frowned. “Um, guys? You literally banned Molly from eating your cereal because she was hogging it too much. What do you mean she’s the best?”

Jasmine sniffed. “All in favor of making Molly our leader, say I!”

Nearly everyone shot up their hands. “I!” they chorused.

“But Molly is gone,” Taryn said. “What about until she gets back?”

“We’ll need a new dictator to rule in her place until she returns,” Jasmine said.

Ellie rubbed her chin. “Well, Cécile is basically the no-fun mom type.”

Cécile frowned.

I glanced at Taryn. “Sis, you can’t really be buying into—”

“I think Cécile is a good dictator,” Katy said. “We need someone ASAP to take charge until Molly returns.”

I glanced at Cécile. She glanced at me with an unamused face.

Emelie raised her hand. “As Molly’s official best friend, I offer my services as dictator until she returns.”

Ellie laughed. “You? No way. We all know I’m clearly the best leadership material in this entire room.”

“Actually, I think I would make a fabulous dictator. No—a queen! Do we have a tiara?” Chloe asked.

The entire room erupted into arguing.

They can’t be serious. This is so stupid. I glanced at Cécile.

She raised her eyebrow.

This is so stupid—

Wait… I could seize the opportunity to make them all my unsuspecting minions!

“I have an idea!” Katy cried. “Let’s vote.”

“Oh Katy, this isn’t a democracy. This is a dictatorship. Dictators demand their place.”

In that case… NOW WAS MY CHANCE.

I leapt atop Molly’s bed. “BEHOLD!” I bellowed. “Bow before your new dictator!”

They all bowed. I closed my eyes and raised my hands, feeling the absolute power surge through my veins.

Except Ellie. She scrambled up the bunk beds to the highest one. “No, my dolls! I am your dictator for I sit highest!”

“Hey!” I cried. “There’s no rule saying whoever is highest becomes dictator.”

Ellie smirked. “I make the rules.”

“Well if I don’t make the rules, I don’t follow them either.”

I scampered up the bunk bed ladder.

I swiped the sunglasses off Ellie’s head.

I put them on. “Behold your dictator! I’ve beheaded the old one!”

“Del… You have truly outdone me,” Ellie said, reaching across the bed. “I humbly submit to your dictatorship.”



She smacked my face with the pillow.

The sunglasses flew off my head. I flailed my arms and fell off the ladder, crashing onto the bed below.

I flinched and my eyes flew open. Thank goodness I didn’t hit the bunk bed inches from my face.


Had I dreamt this entire thing?

I glanced around the room.

Emelie was playing with her doll.

Taryn was on the computer, and Ellie was turning on the fairy lights on her bunk bed.

My best friend Katy Christine was listening to music.

Jasmine was fixing Chloe’s hair.

Cécile was yelling at Coconut for something—probably making a mess.

And Josefina was tidying the closet.

It really had all been a dream. I stretched a little, yawned, moved my hand—

Something hard pressed against my grip.

Ellie’s sunglasses.


LOL, I hope you enjoyed this really stupid thing that I enjoyed making quite a bit.

This originally had more photos and story at the beginning, but although it was about Molly it they had absolutely nothing to do with the dream (or was it…) portion.

So I deleted it for the sake of this post’s length. XD

I might post it separately another time because it is really cute, although devoid of any story conflict (sad writer noises).

What would you like to see?

Special thanks to my friend Kirstyn for suggesting the dictatorship idea!

Out of all your dolls, which one is the “crazy” one that would totally nab a chance at doll room domination?


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