In case you missed it:

“I can’t believe I go home today,” Molly whispered.

She fit her clothes into her suitcase. A knock on the door sounded.

“Come in!” Molly called.

An employee stepped in and smiled. “Are you ready to go, Miss McIntire?”

“Just a minute!”

She glanced around the place.

Molly had been staying there for a few weeks while getting her deluxe spa treatment.

It had felt homey and fancy at the same time and she had loved getting all dolled up here.

She couldn’t believe a place so perfect existed.

As lovely as it was, she had really missed her friends. She snapped her suitcase closed and jumped toward the door. “Ready!”

The employee smiled and offered a small package. “A complimentary gift to thank you for your stay here,” she said.

“Oh!” Molly took the bag. “Thank you so much.” It was a little set of earring studs and dangles.

“Are you ready to go home?” the employee asked.

“Ready. I can’t wait to see my friends.”

“They will love your new look. You couldn’t look more stunning.”

Molly beamed. She truly did feel like a queen.

Her friends had pooled their money together, even to the point of sacrificing hard-earned concert tickets, to send her for a deluxe spa package. She had never felt so beautiful!

She glanced in the mirror. The last time she had looked into a mirror at home, she had hated her reflection. She thought she looked ugly.

But not anymore.

Molly skipped out of the spa hotel. A driver had pulled up to the front and was waving at her. “Miss McIntire?”

“That’s me!”

The driver took her suitcase.

Molly thanked him and hopped in the car.

She opened the package in the car and stuck in some beautiful studs.

The drive back home was long, but she didn’t mind. She gazed out the window and thought of how impressed her friends would be of her new look.

The driver pulled up to her house and handed her her suitcase. Molly thanked him and waved at him while he drove off.

She took a deep breath and faced the house. She gasped.

Looks like she wasn’t the only one with a new look—the house had been completely repainted!

It kind of irked her since she was a stickler for tradition, but she had to admit it looked beautiful.

Out with the old, in with the new, she reminded herself. Just like your new look!

She took a deep breath, clutched her suitcase handle, and ran up the sidewalk.

Her friends had paid so much. Now it was time for them to see what she looked like!

She set her earrings package down and knocked. After a while, the door opened.

“Emelie!” Molly cried.

“Molly!” Emelie’s jaw dropped.

Molly hugged Emelie tightly. “I missed you so much!”

Emelie hugged her. When they pulled away, Emelie gasped. “Molly, you look beautiful. I can hardly recognize you.”

Molly beamed. “I feel like a queen.”

Emelie took her hand. “Everyone is waiting for you!” She pulled Molly in and Molly stumbled after her.

They ran to the girls’ bedroom.

Molly gasped and smiled. All her friends were gathered together.

They turned to her and immediately started welcoming her.

Molly squealed and hugged them one by one and even let Cécile touch her braids to ensure her hair had been properly styled. Cécile approved.

Finally she got to Jasmine. Molly smiled especially big and twirled around.

“Jasmine,” she whispered. “Just look.”

Jasmine beamed and blinked her eyes quickly, swiping at them. “Molly, you look… like a queen.”

“All thanks to you. I felt so ugly… but now I realize I wasn’t ugly. I just needed some extra care. And you showed me that.” Molly giggled. “I think you’re the real queen. You’ve been an amazing friend to me. I love you.”

“Oh, Molly, stop it right now.” Jasmine quickly dabbed a tissue to her eyes.

“What?” Molly asked. “What did I do?”

“You’re going to make me ruin my mascara!”

Molly laughed and pulled Jasmine close for a hug.



I still have a kind of boring part to post (set before Molly returns) and of COURSE, a complete documentary of how I restored her!

Altogether, I…

  • Removed most of her stains (I got too impatient for perfection)
  • Tightened her limbs
  • Repainted her face paint
  • And rewigged her!

What would you like to see next? A deleted scene of For the Love of Molly, or a (photo) documentary of how I restored her?