“Is this thing on?” Ellie tapped the lens of the camera. But oops. She probably shouldn’t have done that. Wouldn’t want to scratch it up or anything.

The camera began blinking its red recording symbol, and Ellie hopped to the heart-clad couch she and her frenemy Del had set up. “Hey!” She waved to the camera, sporting a grin. “Happy Valentine’s Day, DWOD. It’s me, Ellie. I’m here with—”

She paused, glancing to her left. Delaney was nowhere to be found.

She frowned and leaned forward, peeking to her right. “Del!” She hissed. “What are you doing?”

The camera panned to reveal Del on top of Madison’s desk, indulging in one too many evil laughs as she began cutting out another heart from red construction paper.

When she noticed the camera, she perked up even more and grinned. “‘Sup, my homies? It’s Delaney Danger Clark again. Looking epic in pink because I rock literally every color.”

Ellie frowned as the camera zoomed in to a pile of blue slime near Delaney’s craft supplies. “Is that for the pranks?”

“Oh, yes.” Delaney flashed an evil grin at the cam as she hurried and finished setting things up. “Just wait until you witness the awesomeness.”

Ellie hmphed. Del was taking so long. “Hurry up and get over here so we can do the greeting we rehearsed. No, actually, take your time, we’re on live television.”

“Drop the sarcasm, Smell. I hate it.” Del plopped on the seat next to her and gave a quick wave. “‘Sup again and happy V-day. Instead of moping around ’cause no boys are awesome enough to keep up with you, it’s time to gloat in the unstoppable power of your awesomeness with some of these fantastic pranks.”

Ellie smiled and cleared her throat. “Yeah, it’s going to be epic. We’re doing a collab with Anna from From A Doll’s Perspective, and it’s been tons of fun. They’re going to share four Valentine’s Day fashion tips for you later today.”

“Until then…” Delaney started a drumroll on her lap. “I will now introduce to you the first prank to play today. Be sure to catch this, Cameraman!”

Madison (who was running the camera) frowned. “I’m not a man.”

Delaney interrupted. “Unleash to the world the power of slime with an explosive Valentine,” she giggled on voiceover as the camera switched to reveal the victim.

Jasmine was walking into the room, having just spotted the valentine on the floor.

“Is this addressed to me?” Jasmine stopped in her tracks before the tiny red heart of doom.

Jasmine gave an unimpressed grunt as she swiped the card from the floor. “Whoever made this does not possess artistic skills.”

But then she opened the card. Her eyes widened at the little poke of blue shooting straight toward her face.

With a disgusting splat, the valentine exploded in blue slime. Shrieking, Jasmine dropped the remains of the card in disgust.

At the eruption of laughter on the voiceover, the camera switched to reveal the culprits behind the noise and the prank.

After nearly hyperventilating, Ellie slapped her knees and turned to Delaney. “Oh, Del. That was priceless.”

Del gasped for breath, panting through a smirk. “I know.”

“Well.” Ellie cleared her throat and turned to the camera. “That is truly a prank worthy of playing on an unsuspecting victim. And now it’s my turn. Follow me, cam.”

The camera trailed Ellie as she darted back to the room Jasmine had flown out of. In front of Ellie were the supplies needed to perform this dastardly deed; a few cut pieces from a red drinking straw, plastic wrap like saran wrap or cut out from a plastic bag, and scissors.

“You’ll need to cut a rectangle of your plastic wrap, roll your piece of straw in it, and twist the ends together,” Ellie explained, creating the craft as she went along. “You’ll have pieces of totally convincing taffy.”

At the sound of someone entering the room a second time, Ellie looked up with a gasp and dragged a nearby table in with haste. Then she threw the fake taffy on a plate and fled the room.

Jasmine was back again. Back to find out just who had left that nasty card.

The red pieces of candy on the table distracted her, though. Called to her. Allured her.

Sugar. I’m sugarrr. Eat me.

“I can’t believe no one’s eaten these yet!” She laughed, falling to their seduction. She curled her fingers around one of the pieces and unwrapped it.

Muffled laughter was heard over the voiceover as Jasmine bit into the straw.

“Hey, what is this?” Jasmine peeked through the hole in the straw and pouted. “I want my sugar!”

Jasmine slammed the straw back onto the table and turned on her heel in anger, throwing her arms up in the air. “That’s it! Give me sugar, or give me death! Where’s the Valentine’s Day candy?”

The camera changed scenes to reveal the two mischief makers barely able to contain their snickering.

Ellie guffawed so hard she had to grasp the side of the couch to keep from falling off. “Her face when she bit into it!”

Delaney clutched her stomach. “It hurts! It hurts! I’m laughing too hard!”

After pulling oxygen into her shaking lungs at a much more normal rate, she grinned at the camera zooming in on her. “This next prank is even better. No offense, Smell. Now we play off of Jasmine’s previous frustration about finding candy and hit the ‘make it worse’ button.”

Before the cam switched locales again, Del scampered off to prepare the next prank.

“Oh my goodness, thank you so so so much, Del!” Jasmine called back to Delaney, who had informed her there was a large box of Russell Stover chocolates back on the table. “I’m suffering from super intense sugar cravings right now!”

Jasmine eagerly grasped the lid of the box.

Only to rip it off and reveal nothing.

Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Delaney nearly died laughing, and Madison proceeded to duck at the lid of the empty box of chocolates being thrown at her head.

Ellie couldn’t breathe by the time the camera panned back over to them, nor did she have the energy to sit up. She chortled right over into Delaney’s shoulder as Del tried to keep the slobber flying out of her laughing mouth contained with her arm.

They weren’t done, though. The camera soon switched to catch the girls scurrying off to the scene once again, this time with Jasmine complaining to Del about the empty box of chocolates.

While Jasmine was griping and groaning, Ellie slipt in and dropped another little red heart of doom on the table.

Del quickly cut off the conversation and aimed a finger at the valentine. “Hey, Jaz, I think there’s something on the table for you. And it has nothing to do with food, so don’t worry.”

The exploding valentine from earlier must have slipped from her mind, for she whisked the card up with a ferocious swipe. “Oh, phew! It has nothing to do with getting tricked about candy.”

Jasmine turned to Del and moved the valentine over so she could read it with her. “Surprise is waiting for you in living room,” Jaz read. She paused. “A surprise?”

Del bit her grin down and nodded. “Yeah. I heard the others working on it for you. They were upset that you had gotten mislead about the candy and wanted to do something nice.”

Jasmine tossed the card on the table and turned to the living room with haste. “For all I’ve had to go through today, this had better be good!”

Del swallowed a snicker as the camera swerved to follow her dash toward the living room.

The camera lens captured her quick dart across the hall.

Jasmine’s eyes lit up when she spotted it. A mysterious object on top of… a human table of sorts.

Jasmine had scaled the human chair and was atop the leather cushion in seconds.

Jasmine arched both eyebrows. Her eyes grew wider than saucers as she laid them on what she was sent to find.

She curled a fist around one of the powdery black balls and just about growled. “What are these, lumps of coal? This isn’t Christmas!”

Jasmine threw her arms up in the air with a shriek of disgust. “This is the worst Valentine’s Day ever!”

Unbalanced, she slid right off the leather arm and squished between it and the crack of the table.

By the time the screen had made its way back to the girls, neither of them could speak. Delaney had completely fallen off the couch, clutching her stomach in laughter while Ellie was pretty close to hitting the floor herself.

By the time they could breathe again, the camera finally zoomed in on them and Ellie finished the last of her laughter with a gasp and a wave. “So there you have it, folks. Four of the best Valentine’s Day pranks around: Give an explosive Valentine, give fake candy, and…”

Del pulled air into her lungs and cut in. “And the last two were give a big empty box of ‘chocolates’ and then give them a Valentine that sends them on a hunt for something lame.”

Ellie nodded. “And don’t forget to finish off the last of your Valentine’s Day how-tos with some fabulous hair and makeup tips from our buddies at From a Doll’s Perspective. Thanks for watching!”

Del waved before the vlog ended. “We love you guys. Happy V-day. Kickin’ butt and takin’ names—Del out.”


Ellie turned to Delaney. “Think we should tell them about the prank that was played on Madison? That was pretty genius. She was so embarrassed.”

Delaney began to laugh, and Madison (formerly cameraman camerawoman) frowned and quickly ended the broadcast.

It was very embarrassing. -_- I planned to get the pranker back, but we moved before I got the chance. XD

Happy Valentine’s Day! Lots of hugs from me to you! You’re the BEST for commenting and liking and inspiring me! Literally, you blow my mind every time. You guys are some of my best friends around. *hugs you repeatedly* ☺️

And don’t give a second thought to being sad that your crush isn’t giving you roses today. Valentine’s Day has actually always been about friendship for me, not romance. Don’t sink to the world’s level of casual dating. #Lame #MessedUp #Baggage #BrokenHearts Save your heart for the right one God’s got planned in His timing!

And, of course, chocolate. That is the #1 reason I like Valentine’s Day.

DON’T FORGET: Anna’s blog hosts the second part of this awesome collab! To see four awesome fashion tips for your dolls today, check it out! Thanks again, Anna; this was a blast!