“That’s the spot,” I determine once I’ve trudged across the backyard in hopes of finding the prime outdoors getaway. “It’s perfect.”

I gently set my Bible on the grass and reach out to place my palm on the bark of an abandoned wood pile. It looks pretty sturdy. I knew it was perfect!

I toss my Bible up onto the smallest log of the pile and prepare for the heave.

With a surge of gymnast strength and a little jump for momentum, I climb up onto the log.

“Woah.” I pull myself to my feet and straighten up atop the log. The cold February wind reaches my face easier, and I blow out a breath. “It’s high already!”

But then I catch sight of the highest spot and smile to myself.

I toss the Bible across the small canyon between the two logs. I plant my foot on the second log and hold my arms out for balance.

Scooting my Bible along, I inch my way upward to the highest point of the fallen tree trunk. It’ll be the even-more perfect spot.

Picking up my Bible, I carefully lower myself down to sit on the edge of the wood. It’s so high up here! I smile and look around at our backyard.

I glance down at the bag I’ve brought with me and open it up.

After slipping out my Time with God notebook and favorite blue pen, I spend time in prayer.

I thank God for being the bestest God ever even though my bestest friend Emelie says that’s not a word. Oh well!

Then I pray over my family, my friends, other Christians all over the world, people who aren’t Christians yet, and for all the amazing people who follow and comment on Delightful World of Dolls!

I flip my notebook open to the next blank page and write down my prayer points, what God has been speaking to me, and what I’m about to read.

With that, I flip open my Bible to Mark 1 and smile when I get to verse 35.

Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.

“Thanks for setting the example, Jesus,” I say aloud. “I never want to miss the most important part of my day.”

What’s the most important part of your day?

P.S. Madison, my mom, used something called a reflector with these pictures. She used the gold side, bouncing the light from the cloudy day to my face and eyes to get rid of shadows.

I think they’re the best pictures she’s taken yet! That might just be because I’m in them, though… hehe! What do you think? She also didn’t like our previous watermark, so she changed it. Do you like it better?