Are you ready to enter to win the free American Girl doll giveaway of your choice? With TWO winners (which doubles your chance of winning)?

Because I’m so psyched!

This giveaway is the celebration of my big surprise, a moment three years in the making:

I’m returning to Delightful World of Dolls full-time!

But before we get into the giveaway, I want to share a personal story with you.

Because many of you know, but many of you don’t know, that in June 2018 I had to stop blogging on DWOD consistently due to debilitating health issues.

This is my return. But I had a long journey to go.

Feel free to skip to the giveaway, but for those of you who have wondered what in the heck has been going on with Madi?, here you are.

My story: the past three years of debilitating chronic illness, God’s goodness, and why I’m back to Delightful World of Dolls now even though I’m not 100% better.

And if you’re done reading that or just want the giveaway:

Free American Girl Doll Giveaway of Your Choice: 2021 Relaunch Tour


I’m (again) giving away the 18” American Girl Doll of YOUR CHOICE!


That’s right—two lucky enterers will receive the free 18″ American Girl doll of their choice!

And yes, any doll. Historical? Truly Me? Girl of the Year? Create-Your-Own? One of the 35th anniversary dolls?

YES! Any 18” American Girl doll you want!

If you choose a Historical, Truly Me, or GOTY doll you will also get the accessories that go with her, by the way! (A value of $140 you get for free!)

If you want one of the limited edition 35th anniversary dolls (already comes with accessories), you can get her too! (A value of $150 you get for free!)

And if you want a Create-Your-Own (CYO) doll (already comes with accessories), you can choose her too! (A value of $200 for free!)


  • The first doll is sponsored by my amazing dad, my biggest cheerleader and supporter of my dreams and this blog! I love you, Dad!
  • The second doll is sponsored by my amazing aunt! Thank you, my wonderful aunt! ?
  • I am giving away two dolls, so there will be two winners. Both winners will receive the first 18″ doll of their choice.
  • This giveaway will run for three weeks: from Friday, May 7, to Friday, May 28 at midnight Eastern time.
  • I will choose and announce the winners on Monday, May 31. I will contact the winners with the email they used to enter.
  • (If a winner don’t respond within a week I’ll have to choose a new one, so everyone be sure to check your emails and also stay subscribed to the newsletter to get the announcement!)
  • To enter, simply fill out the form (right under the image below) and comment it. All fields are mandatory and PLEASE read the instructions first.
  • Your email will be subscribed to the DWOD newsletter and will be used to contact you if you win. Being subscribed is mandatory to enter.
  • This giveaway is open to international enterers! However, instead of shipping the doll internationally, we will send you the money to buy the doll yourself.
  • However, shipping is free to the winners if they are in the 50 U.S. states!
  • If you’re under 18, you need a parent’s permission before entering, because I’ll need your home address to ship the doll to you if you win. (However, if you live outside the U.S. I’ll need your payment details to send the money for the doll to you instead.)
  • This is legit! I have hosted two other 18″ American Girl doll giveaways before (here and here) in addition to other smaller giveaways. Many of my readers have met me in person, called and FaceTimed me, and have sent and received things from the registered DWOD P.O. Box. You’re welcome to contact me with any questions! I am a real person!

free american girl doll giveaway

This is the image you must share to enter! Click it to save it at full size!

HOW TO ENTER: Please read the following instructions and follow them correctly. If you do not enter correctly, you will not be entered. ALL the information you need is here, so please read it all.

Example of a correct entry

One entry per person. Don’t enter as two different people.

The entry form, which you must fill out, is found below. Copy and paste the form (found below) into the comment box—the comment box is at the very bottom of the page, so scroll past the hundreds of entries—fill it out COMPLETELY (all fields are mandatory!) and then hit post comment. The comment box itself will ask for your name and email; fill those out. Your email address in the comment box form will not be posted. In the entry form, just specify that yes, you used a valid email in the comment box form.

You CANNOT enter on Instagram or by email. ALL information regarding your entries must be posted in the comments below or it will not count. Please don’t contact me with the form. I have hundreds of entries to go through, and they must all be kept in one place. I do this to ensure it’s fair for everyone!

Even if you share the post on both an Instagram post AND a story, it only counts as one share. Due to people not following the instructions correctly, not tagging me, stories expiring, and the manual labor involved in checking every account, I am unable to keep track of who shared in both places. You are welcome to both post and share to your stories, or just do one! Posts are very appreciated! But you only need to share once for your initial entry.

However if you share on two separate accounts, that counts. For example, you can share on one Instagram account for your first initial entry, and then for a bonus entry, share on a second account.

You must provide the actual link to your social share. Please don’t put your Instagram tag or the name of the site you shared it on. I have hundreds of entries to go through, so posting the direct link makes it much faster for everyone to be entered and for the winner to be announced.

You don’t have to post your home address or email! I don’t know why people are doing that! I’m not asking for you to post those things; I just need to know that if you are under 18, that you have a parent’s permission to share your address with me privately, over email, ONLY IF you win. Please don’t post your home address publicly, haha! I want you to stay safe! ♥ (And if you’re over 18 just say so.) You don’t have to post your email publicly either — you include it in the comment box form, not the giveaway entry form. ;)

If you’re on Instagram, for sharing the giveaway image, you can simply share the Instagram giveaway post to your story or (preferably) your feed, tag me, and please provide the link to it. If I don’t have the link it is much more of a hassle to try to find where you shared it and I have hundreds of entries to go through!

If you don’t have Instagram, just say you do not have an Instagram account do you did not follow @delightfulworldofdolls. However, you still must share the image somewhere. It can be anywhere as long as you can provide me a direct link. Special exceptions are made for those who truly do not have any form of posting or social media; just ask me.

ENTRY FORM: Copy and paste this entire form into the comments section below this post (scroll all the way down to the comment section), fill it out, and then hit “post comment”.

All fields are mandatory. If they are not filled out correctly you will not be entered. Please read the instructions above to ensure you have done it correctly! ♥

I say this because quite a few people are not following or reading the instructions and it is creating a ton of manual work for me to have to check. Please, please follow them correctly (it is actually a really simple form) to ensure I can enter everyone on time and announce the winner on time!


Commenting with your valid email? (you are giving your permission to be subscribed to the DWOD newsletter & is how I’ll contact you if you win):
If you have an Instagram account, did you follow @delightfulworldofdolls?
Permission if under 18 (I’ll need your home address if you win):
Link to where you shared that giveaway image above (Instagram post or story, Pinterest, blog post, etc; PLEASE PROVIDE LINK, not account name, so I don’t have to manually check):

Once again, all fields are mandatory! I did try to keep it as simple as possible though :’)

If you’re on Instagram, for sharing the giveaway image, you can simply share the Instagram giveaway post to your story or (preferably) your feed, tag me, and please provide the link to it. If I don’t have the link it is much more of a hassle to try to find where you shared it and I have hundreds of entries to go through!

Bonus Entries for the Free American Girl Doll Giveaway of Your Choice

To get a bonus entry, share/link to this post or share/post the giveaway image somewhere! In addition, it must be separate from the place you shared it originally.

You may do this for up to five bonus entries. Each site you share on must be different and only counts once. (Different accounts on Instagram, for example, are fine however.)

Completely optional Bonus Entries Form to comment below. You must provide the DIRECT LINK to the post or it does not count:

Link(s) (up to five) to where you shared this post and/or giveaway image:

2021 Relaunch Tour Hosts

Big thanks to the following doll content creators for sharing the word about this giveaway!

Because I wanted to let as many people know about the giveaway as I could, these fantastic people graciously agreed to share about it on their platforms. Be sure to check them out for more fun doll content!

Additionally, if you’d like to become a tour host and be listed here, be my guest! You are absolutely welcome to spread the word about this using your platform, too!

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] Comment below with your entry form (copy and paste it from above) filled out…

And thank you so much for coming to Delightful World of Dolls today—whether you’re an OG reader or a first-timer.


Feel free to comment below or contact me with any questions!

I love you so much, and I’m so happy to be back—imperfectly! (if you read the story you know!)