Looking for some easy American Girl doll hairstyles? I’ve got you today!

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I’ve been playing with my dolls so much lately and I randomly did this adorable bun hairstyle on Jasmine in seconds.

It looks gorgeous and full and sophisticated, but it’s incredibly easy! So today I’m going to show you how it’s done.

First of all, please excuse the bad lighting! I was having a heck of a time trying to fix my camera settings AND it was an awful time to shoot photos in my room. I was… very frustrated.

Camera settings are all good now though… I simply had it in the wrong mode. ?


These are the elastics I’m using! (Affiliate link; if you purchase I get a small commission at no cost to you that helps me run this site)

I was using a different kind for years and they snapped SO easily. Usually after the entire hairstyle was done they’d snap and the hairstyle would loosen. They were the bane of my existence ?

So I got these. They are very thick and strong, and while definitely not as flexible, don’t snap at all and I’m actually able to reuse them. I got a small kind so they’d fit my dolls.

I’m on the lookout for an even better kind that’s not as thick, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to know!

easy american girl doll hairstyles

Easy American Girl Doll Hairstyles: Double Twist Bun

1. Separate your doll’s hair into two low ponytails.

I kind of did a criss-cross part so I wouldn’t break apart her curls too much.

american girl doll hairstyle tutorial

2. Take one ponytail, twist it, and put it over the other ponytail.

You can hold it there or pin it in place.

american girl doll hairstyle bun

3. Now take the second ponytail and twist it under the first ponytail.

Then twist it up and over the side, pinning it on top.

american girl doll twisted bun style

4. Take the first ponytail and twist it over the side and tuck it under the bun.

You can pin if you like, but mine fit perfectly tucked.

5. Bobby pin in place as you like.

If you want the bun to be bigger, gently tug at the bun small section by small section to achieve a fuller look.

easy american girl doll bun hairstyles

And there you have it! A perfectly elegant, incredibly easy twisted bun!

american girl doll twist bun hairstyles

It looks beautifully sophisticated as is, but for a younger and girlier look, I added a pink bow hairband that I got from the American Girl bistro.

doll hairstyle with bow

american girl doll desk room setup

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american girl doll ellie and delaney

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Have you been doing any fun styles on your dolls lately?