That title sounded a bit funny. 

I took Jasmine out today after it rained. Let me tell you, it was FREEZING. I’ll leave it to Jasmine for the rest of the post. She’s been dying to talk to ya’ll, anyways.

IMG_2612I’m really, really mad. When I found out we were moving, my jaw dropped to the ground (okay not really). I don’t want to move! That means packing, packing, packing.

And no time for fun.

Before the hullaballo started, I wanted to calm my raging emotions and go outside. I’ve never really been a nature girl (I highly dislike bugs and rodents!) but there’s something about peaceful weather that calms you down. Just like a hurricane or tornado can reflect angry thoughts or feelings.

Madison told me to put on a coat because it was cold.

IMG_2613What she didn’t tell me, is that it was FREEZING!  Well to me it was, and it was only 36 degrees fahrenheit.

IMG_2614Anyways, she was… kind enough to take pictures of me FREEZING my fingers off (even though she was really the one with freezing fingers – she had no gloves on. She says she got the coldest when the 20 mph wind lashed them!!!!). She told me to post them. So I did.

IMG_2616 Another angle on my face….IMG_2617 Mittens (^_^)IMG_2618 IMG_2619Two different, pretty angles on my boots.

IMG_2620 IMG_2621My long, luscious auburn hair. I just can’t stop thinking how pretty it is! I know, I’m so vain. It’s a fact.

(Madi’s photography makes me look 100,000,000 times prettier than I really am! Wait, what, did I really just admit that online?)

IMG_2622I hope Madison adds a pretty effect and some inspiring words on that one.

IMG_2623 IMG_2626To experience the true breathtakingly beautifulness of the photos, click on them to make each on bigger. Let your jaw drop…’s okay.

IMG_2627I look ready to take on the world.

Which I am!

IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2633Cold weather, wet boots, and my face.

IMG_2635I’m shivering!!!

IMG_2638Madison, I’m ready to come inside! I. AM. FREEEEEEEEEZZZZIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG!

IMG_2641My face,

IMG_2640And a beautiful curl Madison made. With her fingers. It’s called finger curling.:)

Well, enough of me being so vain.

Share your own beautifulness, fellow fashionista dollies! Talk to your fellow commenters in, the, um, well, comments. Exchange links to beautiful photos of yourself. AG made you dollies pretty! No doubt about it, don’t deny it!

With a little help from

Madison! :)