Madi here, again! I want to thank you all for your very sweet comments on thew we’re moving posts. You girls encourage me so much, I know I can get through anything with God’s help and you all remind me so much of that. Thank you all, moving is a lot easier with you all by my side. <3

Well, Mini Doll Mag has been neglected lately, hehe, yikes. I just plum forgot with all my business! It will be put on hold until we move and are at our new location. We’ve changed the moving date to somethign earlier because an Artic Freeze is coming and driving the RV on ice, towing a minivan behind us is not what anyone would call, fun. Very dangerous. That leaves us only a few weeks! Yikes! We haven’t started packing yet, IDK when we’ll start.

I just want to share some quick GREAT news, God has brought through the money (MORE than we were believing for!!!!!!!!!) to make the move. We’ll find a house right away once we get there instead of waiting for a very cheap but nice house and all that. God has provided once again.

Well, my mini dolls really, really wanted to post a bunch of photos and their thoughts on the move, so, here they are!

IMG_2590IMG_2591 IMG_2592Hey, everyone! Celina here! Missed me? I’m going to share some thoughts about moving to FLORIDA. Hmmph. I don’t like it, first of all.

IMG_2593I mean, why move in the FIRST place?! Madison’s already suspecting that we had to give a lot of stuff away. Even the luxury home Molly-Anne and Jocelyn live in. I just don’t think it’s fair.

IMG_2594But then I remember, God has great things for us in Florida. So I try not to make a big deal about it. I just enjoy the time I still have here.

Bonus pics:

IMG_2595 IMG_2596 IMG_2597IMG_2598Jocci here! WASSUP! I missed all you mini dolls out there….oh and everyone else too.

IMG_2599I think It’s super cool to move to Florida. I mean who wouldn’t love to live there? GREAT weather! Except in Smmertime. TOO hot…

IMG_2602I’m a LITTLE sad we’re moving. I mean, I really like this house and all. But the bright side overshines the dark side on this one. I’m excited to move!

IMG_2604FIRST OF ALL I AM EHARTBROKEN. I CAN’T IMAGINE LEAVING THIS PLACE. I’ve been here just under two years less than Madison and her family have been here. This is my home.

IMG_2605 IMG_2606I am literally crying. Sort of. Look at all these fun times and memories we’ve had. I feel……I’m being crushed.

Remember my dirt-house?

The Christmas Tree Jungle…That was fun.

Camping trip!

A Day in the life of us minis…×1200.jpg

Oh, remember the Beautiful Day challenge I did?

Captured Molly-Anne…. that was a funny photo series! Search for it if you’d like to read it, the link is confusing to post.

The New Girl Part One!

And some really old ones…(did I mention, the 2-year Anniversary for DWOD was November 4th this year. We forgot to make a post about it. OOOOPS.)

Molly-Anne In The Jungle!

Sneaky Molly-Anne: an AGSM

Molly-Anne Has A Leotard!

Molly-Anne’s Adventure Outside!

Mini-Doll Sleepover Party!

Mini Molly in Wonderland…….

Molly-Anne Goes Camping…….

The Life of a Mini Doll

The easiest chair EVER for mini dolls/other 6 to 9inch dolls!

How to make the easiest clothes for Mini-dolls!!!

Molly-Anne’s adventures!!! (VERY VERY old one, the first ever photostory featuring ME!…)


I’ll miss this house and every single memory in it. I’m heartbroken. The end.

IMG_2607No, we can get through anything when we stick together. <3