I know, I don’t usually do awards and answer all the questions and stuff but while we’re still getting everything on DWOD worked out (for some reason, my background is all blue when it’s supposed to be blue stars, and some of the photos won’t show up), I thought I’d do this one my friend Cupcake awarded me for! :) So I answer 5 questions and nominate one blog to answer five questions as well. Here we go. :)

Q1. How many times have you ever been to an AG store?
Three times!

Q2. Which doll’s hair (that you own) is easiest to manage?
Probably Emelie’s, or Joy’s. Their hair is short and straight and easy to take care of. :)

Q3. Do you like pizza?
I do, I do! But since it’s not really healthy for you I make my own healthy version which I don’t like as much as the stuff the delivery guy brings us. XD

Q4. Are you a Starbucks fan?
Not really, though their stuff sure tastes good, I don’t really eat/drink it and stuff.

Q5. Did you enjoy this award?
Yes! Thank you! :)

I nominate…*first random blog that pops into my head…………….Abbie and her dolls at Madness And Fun With The Dolls! :)

Here are Abbie’s five questions:

1. When did you and your dolls create your doll blog?

2. Who was your first doll?

3. Soda or juice?

4. How many dolls do you have besides AG?

5. Can you stand on your head? (yeah, I know random question ;).)

Some more “real” posts coming up soon. We’re pretty busy this weekend but I have an AWESOME photo story series I have planned for later this week….stay tuned! ;)