The Mines of Malaysia

Photo story series by Madison Lorfing

IMG_6560 ”Important Announcement!” Jasmine cried. Everyone was flustered. They had all gathered around Jasmine and Cecile when they announced they had important news.

 IMG_6561“Are you ready for this?” Jasmine grinned.

“Yes! Tell us!” everyone chanted.

 IMG_6562”Wellllll….” Cecile started off dramatically. She did a mini drumroll her hands on the wall.

”It is officially declared that…….”

IMG_6567Both girls shouted in perfect unison, “WE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!”

 IMG_6563“Isn’t that great news?” Jasmine grinned sheepishly.

 IMG_6568Molly exploded. “YOU?! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BEING GREAT, OR EVEN GOOD! YOU’VE BEEN MEAN TO ME ALL DAY! ARE YOU JUST BEING MOODY OR DID I DO SOMETHING?!!!” Jasmine opened her mouth to say something when Josefina cut in.

 IMG_6569”Guys, please don’t fight!” Josefina was the peacemaker and hated fighting and strife with a passion. She hardly ever got in trouble she was so kind.

 IMG_6572”Why don’t you just stay out of this for once? Get your nose out of my personal stuff—“

 IMG_6573Josefina ran off and sat to the side, eyes closed, trying to be a good girl.

IMG_6574Molly clamped her hand over her mouth. “What did I just say?” she questioned aloud. “I…I never meant….” She looked about and endured awkward stares from everyone.

 IMG_6578”Josefina,” she finally said. “I am SO sorry! I have no idea what came over me I’m usually not like that and I know how much that hurt your feelings since you try so hard to be so nice and–“

 IMG_6579Josefina ran up the stairs without a word.

 IMG_6580”Wow Molls. Good going! Look what you did!” Jasmine criticized her.

 IMG_6581Molly looked away for a moment…

 IMG_6584…and let out a tear.

 IMG_6585She swiped it away quickly.

 IMG_6586”Molly it’s ok! None of this is your fault. Josefina will be OK. Just go talk to her.” Emelie came up and told her.

 IMG_6587But then Molly ran off without a word! What was going on?

 IMG_6589”Molly!” Emelie cried out.

 IMG_6591She ran started to run after her when Jasmine grabbed her hand.

“Emelie, no,” Jasmine tried to stop her. “She’ll be fine.”

 IMG_6594”No, she WON’T!” Emelie SCREAMED. Emelie was usually quiet, so when she screamed, everyone listened. “You were so mean just now! Meaner than you’ve been since you got SAVED!”

 IMG_6595Jasmine was silent. She didn’t know how she had been mean – the words just blurted out. It’s like everyone was going crazy. What was happening?

 IMG_6596Emelie bolted up the stairs.

 IMG_6597”Well, you agree that everyone is being over sensitive, right Joy? Aren’t I the most awesome person in the world?” Jasmine demanded of Joy.


“You agree with me, don’t you?!”

 IMG_6611”Ok, that’s it, to prove how awesome I am, follow me!” Jasmine told her.

 IMG_6612”Don’t worry Joy,” Cecile assured her. “It’ll be fine. Jasmine’s just being grumpy right now.”

 IMG_6614”Right down there is where I’ll take you!” Jasmine showed her downstairs. It was a long way down! “Let’s see where Jasmine takes us,” laughed Cecile, putting a comforting hand around her shoulder, showing her the way.

IMG_6622 “HIYA!!!!!”

 IMG_6623After tumbling down the stairs for a few steps, Joy stopped rolling and just lay there. Was she passed out? Sure a tumble wouldn’t be enough to do that. Sure, it would hurt, but so much pain you could pass out? Something else was wrong.

 IMG_6624”What? Jasmine? Why did you do that?!!!” Cecile gawked in disbelief. “Do…what?” Jasmine was in as much shock as herself. Joy was her friend, why DID she do that? Her actions were out of control. She thought for a moment someone was taking over her brain!

 IMG_6625”Jasmine, listen to me! What is WRONG WITH YOU?!”

 IMG_6627”Now ladies, don’t fight.”

Someone appeared at the window! Dressed in all black with only half her face showing, she looked creepy.

 IMG_6630”Who are you?!”

IMG_6626“We’ll get to me later. First I must praise you Jasmine for doing a wonderful job. Now that I’ve controlled your brain, I had to use you to get me more potential people that I could control her brain. I see you have her knocked out, with help from me! I’ll take her, thank you very much.”

IMG_6738 IMG_6732 IMG_6727 IMG_6726

With that, the mysterious person lifted her hand up – and lifted Joy into midair. She flinged her around for a moment.


Then Joy disappeared all together.

IMG_6740 Then she re-appeared hanging by here feet from the rail!

“Now, unless you do exactly as I say, your friend here will fall and quite possibly break her neck if I allow it.”

 IMG_6741Joy had a long way to fall down.

 IMG_6742”Do exactly as I say. Be my slave. Obey me until I give you liberty – and none of your friends will be harmed. I have control over their minds and made them go crazy, overreact, and run off. Say no, and I have the power to control their minds and make them do horrible things – that could be fatal. Your choice darling. I’m the Duchess of Malaysia but you’ll call me The Duchess.”

 IMG_6743Jasmine looked down. “I’m doing this to protect my friends….” She decided… “OK. I’m your slave.”

 IMG_6745”Goooood……” The Duchess softly laid Joy down to rest on the stair step.

 IMG_6746”Why do you need Jasmine? Why not someone else to do your evil bidding or whatever?” Cecile asked.

 “Because she’s the only one having a past involving the mines of Malaysia. And the rare pink gem of Malaysia is what she’ll help me find. Tata!” then she and Jasmine disappeared into thin air.


P.S. Thanks to my brother for making it look like the Duchess moved Joy into the air! He tossed her into the air and I snapped a couple photos once she was in midair.

IMG_6698 IMG_6678 IMG_6677 IMG_6726