Don’t you just love how I put up a poll for a giveaway in January but don’t actually post the giveaway until a month later because I worked really hard on having four scheduled posts at once and wanted those to post first instead of keep having to push them back? So sorry. ?

Thanks for voting for which outfit I should give away! It was close call, but the Autumn Stroll Outfit won with 25 votes, with the Denim Jacket Tank Top Leggings Outfit came in second with 21. There were 64 votes total! Thanks for helping me decide—it was tough!

JUST LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS OUTFIT IS. I only buy outfits for their mix-and-match qualities, not as a whole, and this one has a ton of those.

As soon as Delaney saw Cécile model these boots for me, she asked why I didn’t buy them for her.

The pants are nothing special, but it’s always nice to have an extra pair of them. DreamWorld Collection pants give off a lot of black fuzz (I have a pair from this outfit), so I don’t use them often, but they do go really nicely with this.

The shirt is hands-down my favorite piece of the entire outfit—one glance and I knew I had to either buy it myself or give it away. ?

The silver beads are attached to the shirt in the front like a faux necklace, so you don’t have to worry about them sliding down your doll’s back (which you can easily solve with a doll clothing hack but that’s for another post).

I love the coat when it’s closed. Cécile looks so classy and chic in it, and it matches her eyes perfectly.

Cécile was working up a sweat in the 80-degree weather I had her pose in, but if you live literally anywhere else besides Florida and where it’s considered winter, your doll will be nice and toasty.

I had to move Mr. Reflector out of the way to show you the back of the coat. It’s a really gorgeous pattern.

I’m turning this one into Cécé’s new profile picture! She hasn’t had a new one since 2016. XD

Without the coat, the outfit still looks super sleek. Can I just say again how much I adore that shirt? XD

Alright, enough of my ranting. Here’s how to enter!

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*jazz hands*

Good luck!

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