Do you have multiple AG dolls? Remember the time where you only had one? Weren’t those good times? Wasn’t she your very best friend, and you have amazing memories of just you and her? If you have only one AG dolls, I encourage you to spend a lot of time with your doll. yOu’ll cherish those memories if you get more and more.

Here are some photos of just me and Molly back in 2012. :)

This was on my birthday when I turned 9. I got matching Molly PJ’s for me and Molly…Wow! I look so young!

Molly and I July 4th, 2012. We’re all decked out in red, white, and blue!

This was when I made her a little slide-out home/bed under my own bed! So many memories…and a leg in the way! LOL!

This was when I made taffy for her following Liz’s tutorial!

IMG_1610My first photostory, an EXACT replica of “Rebecca The Olympian” at AmericanGirlFan! lol! (except since I didn’t have any other AG dolls, I used a stuffed bear. LOL!)

A photostory of Molly exploring our house. I made two parts of it – one upstairs, one downstairs! I had so much fun making this.


Time for part 2!! :)

Another adorable photostory of Molly eating some lunch I made her!

IMG_1831A picture I took of some more food I made her.

…another photostory photo….

and another photostory photo!

IMG_1941Just hangin’

AWWWW!!! So sweet!

I edited it and it looks so pretty this way too!

IMG_1949 IMG_1951
My very first photos I sent in for From A Friend Friday at Liz’s site,!

And much much more! There are so many memories of just me and my doll and you can see some of them by looking at the first two months of posts on this blog/site!

Weren’t those days good times? Just you and your first AG doll? If you’d like, share some of your favorite memories down below. If you still have only one AG doll, take pictures and videos of you and her. You’ll cherish the memories always!