Hi girls! Madison here. Everyone one else in the AG blogging world (well mostly everyone) is posting their opinions on AG’s new summer release, and I certainly have a few things to say as well, so, why not?

*Keep in mind this is my opinion only and hope you don’t get offended by anything I have to say, rather, I would LOVE to hear what you think on AG’s new release too, so let me know in the comments below!*

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.22.27 PM
#61 is pretty cute, but I don’t plan on getting her.

Coconut Cutie Outfit
Ehh, I suppose this outfit is ok. I mainly like the skirt and shoes, but the shirt isn’t that appealing to me. I just wish the purple American Girl tag wasn’t on there, it’s just too much for one outfit IMO.

School Stripes Dress
Cute, but I don’t want it.

Bright Stripes Outfit for Dolls + Charm
Adorable! I just might ask for this for Christmas. I’m just thinking how adorable it will look in photostories and stopmotions!

Starry Hoodie Outfit

Cute, but not me/mydoll’s style. I LOVE the leggings and wish I could buy them separately, but the whole outfit is, like….ehhh….ok?

Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Dolls + Charm
Cute but I don’t want it. :)

Bee Myself Outfit for Dolls + Charm
WHAT ON EARTH?! NO ONE I KNOW who is old enough for an AG doll would wear this. Or even their dolls wear it. This would be better for Dollaween ( ;)) or something, but honestly? This should’ve been for Bitty Baby! AG’s new MyAG outfits just didn’t sparks something special to me this release, sorry.

MyAG accesories:
Doodle Backpack Set
I NEED THIS!!! My new doll Joy (Ivy) is an artist (I changed her personality from being crazy about gymnastics to being crazy about art.) and SHE NEEDS THIS. I am SO asking for this for Christmas! (too early to be thinking about Christmas? Nahh!)

Accent Braid Clips
Nice idea, but doing your dolls’ hair yourself is way more fun.

Bouquet Nightstand
Ha.    Ha.       I want this so bad it’s not even funny. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Joy NEEDS this for her bedroom. It’s so amazing and cute!

Bouquet Bed & Bedding
Love the bed, not the price.(bed and bedding together $212!) It’d be nice to have it for Joy, but for now she is content sitting on her homemade bed. ^_^

The new pets: you have to be kidding me! I miss the old Coconut and adorable Licorice! :'( They did away with all the old games (NET PET IS GONE!!! NOOOOO!!!!!) and replaced them with….these fluffy furball-ish things? Come on. I know, I know, in with the new out with the old, but I sure do like the old. The collars are a nice idea though. I might get the girly one for my own Coconut sometime. ^_^

Dalmatian Puppy
But the Dalmation is TO DIE FOR! My BFF got it and all the legs can move, meaning they can sit down, lie down, actually walk, etc., just imagine how CUTE that would look in my stopmotions. Not to mention the puppy is way cuter in real life, and it has a magnet in his mouth that attracts the little fetch toy. (again, adorable stopmotion material right there!) this is totally on my wishlist.

Pet Ballerina Outfit
New pet outfits: O….kay?! Might I say totally pointless?! What on earth is the little ballet slipper for? And who would put their dog in a tutu? With a tiara? Unless for some pet-dress-up-contest-thing? (ok, I know people who would, but definitely not me.)

Isabelle’s stuff:
I LOVE her new Sparkle Dress! So cute, but I don’t want it like really bad. And the makeup case is so cool too, just imagine (you know what I’m going to say next, don’t you?) HOW CUTE THAT WOULD LOOK IN A STOPMOTION!

Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin stuff:
I’m seriously not interested in Bitty Baby/Bitty Twins so I couldn’t care less, but there have been some outfits that caught my eyes that would probably fit (and looks adorable) on an AG doll….hmm.

To see all the new pieces of AG’s new release, click here!

And again, *Keep in mind this is my opinion only and hope you don’t get offended by anything I had to say, rather, I would LOVE to hear what you think on AG’s new release too, so let me know in the comments below!*