IMG_2656“Now, the poster is going to go here….” Cecile said. “No, over there!” Jasmine argued.

IMG_2657Hi. I’m Emilie. Yesterday was my brithday, and I’m going to share my awesome birthday experience with ya’ll. You see, the night before my birthday, I was invited for a sleepover at Molly’s place, and Cecile was invited over to Jasmine’s. Of course we said yes!

IMG_2658“Come on, Emilie, let’s play dolls!” Molly and Josefina urged. “Alright, alright,” I laughed. “But I don’t have a doll.” “Doesn’t matter! You can borrow mine. You can be the mommy, and I’ll be the grandma.” “Okay, sounds good!”

IMG_2663The next day, as I was doing my hair for church, I could hear Molly and Josefina saying to each other, “OK, she’s gone. Let’s go decorate! Hurry!” It was really peculiar. What did they need to decorate for??

IMG_2664After church, I was walking back to Jasmine and I’s place. “Why is it so dark?” I wondered. “And where’s Jasmine? Where are ALL my friends?”

All of the sudden, the lights flickered on….

IMG_2665“SURPRISE!!!! Happy birthday, Emilie!!!” I gasped, shielding my eyes from the light. my birthday! I had completely forgot!

IMG_2666“Let’s crown the birthday queen!” Molly exclaimed, placing a “Happy Birthday!” crown on my head. “You guys really did this? F-for me?!” I asked, bewildered and astonished. “Yes, yes!” she responded.

IMG_2667Why….why, Madison even painted a beautiful birthday poster…for me! And all my friends signed it! I felt so special and loved!

IMG_2668“Open your card, Emilie,” Josefina exclaimed, excitedly. “Yeah! Open it!” Molly chorused.

IMG_2670I smiled, looking at the card. “Even though styles change….” it said. Below, it showed me in my meet outfit, with ‘1944’ above it, and another girl, wearing a modern outfit, with ‘2013’ above her.

IMG_2671“Us friends will be together forever!”

Everyone had signed it! I was so surprised! Madison’s mom said, “Happy birthday Emily!” (she spelled my name wrong. Oh, well!) her brother signed, “Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy it.” Madison’s dad wrote, “Birthday blessings!” (her sister was at Bible college so she couldn’t sign)and of course, Madison, Josefina, Cecile, Jasmine, and Molly, wrote the most heartfelt message of all. “Happy birthday, my wonderful girl! ~Madison Happy birthday, Emilie…enjoy your special day. <3 ~Molly, Josefina, Cecile, and Jasmine.”

I started tearing up.

IMG_2672“I’ll hold the taffy, and you can open your presents!” Cecile urged, eager to see me open her present she had given me first.

IMG_2673It was so cute! I loved the butterfly sticker.

IMG_2674“Awww! A cute teddy bear! Thanks so much, Cecile!” I cried, adoring the cute little bear Cecile had given me.

IMG_2675“Open the next one, from me,” Josefina said quietly, her dark brown eyes hopeful. I grinned, noticing it said “American Girl.” She had gotten me something from American Girl? I was so excited!

IMG_2677“A magazine!” I cried. “Thank you so much, Josefina!” Josefina blushed. “De noda,” she responded in Spanish. This next present was from Madison’s brother, Russell (whom we all call, ‘Russ’) he’s like a dad to us, though technically, he’d be our uncle.

IMG_2678“A toy butterfly! I love it so much!” I cried, adoring the sky blue color of the butterfly’s gentle wings. Now I had something to play with when Molly and Josefina wanted to play dolls.

IMG_2679“Open the next one, from me,” Jasmine exclaimed, beaming. “You’re in DIRE need of it.”

IMG_2680“Why, a necklace! Thank you very much, Jasmine! I love the silver!” I replied, loving how it was so shiny. “You’re totally welcome,” Jasmine cried. “It was ALL me, I paid for it myself!” Cecile looked at her. “Well, OK, Cecile gave me half her babysitting money. But most of it was me!” I smiled. “Thank you, all of you,” I grinned. “Wait!” cried Molly. “You haven’t opened mine yet.”

IMG_2681“Another present? Why…this…this is too much! A party, presents, taffy, poster, even greater friends?! You guys are so awesome!” I cried, staring at the present.

IMG_2682Untying the ribbon, a tear slipped from my eye. My friends, and owner, had all gone through all this trouble for me, and my birthday. I had some great friends, and….

What I saw next interrupted my sweet thoughts.

IMG_2684“A paper towel roll?” Jasmine said, laughing. “Wow, wait to go, Molly! Giving your bestie an empty paper towel roll.” Jasmine started cracking up. I choked. Was this a joke?

Molly looked worried. “Emilie,” she whispered. “Look inside!”

Jasmine stopped laughing. I looked inside. Sure enough, there was something…

I slowly started pulling it out.


“A doll! A doll! Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Molly! I wanted my own doll so badly! Thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you all!”

I was so happy! My wonderful day turned even more magnificent when they all broke out singing,

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Emilieeee! Happy birthday to you!

IMG_2686All my terrific presents…

IMG_2687The beautiful vase of flowers…..

IMG_2689And of course, Cecile never hesitated to pull out the DELICIOUS taffy!

IMG_2690Does your doll have a birthday? Did you give her a party? Or is her birthday a long ways away? Well, what better reason to throw her a party anyways, then no reason at all?! Let’s party!