oneHey, guys! Molly here! Guess what? April 22 was my birthday! I dressed up in my birthday best. It was fun, and I can’t believe Mom (Madison) has owned me for nearly five years now! I didn’t really expect to get a huge party or anything. We’re pretty busy these days. But wouldn’t you know, my sisters and friends threw me a surprise birthday breakfast! We had cupcakes, which were superb.

Afterwards, they gave me gifts to open! I’ll show you a few pictures.

twoMom gave me these beautiful new diamond studs and pretty dangles! Diamond is my birthstone. I love these earrings, and the dangles are so beautiful. They have three charms on each of them – a star, a heart, and a butterfly. Mom explained what the little charms meant.

Star – “Molly, you’re never afraid to shine your brightest and do your best. I’m so proud of everything you do!”
Heart – “You’re caring and loving, and I know this charm is silver but you have a heart of gold. You’re loyal and compassionate to everybody you meet, and whether they are kind or mean, you show the love of Jesus to them.”
Butterfly – “This butterfly symbolizes that you are carefree and happy. You don’t worry often, and you’re always up for fun. I love you! Happy birthday, my olly Molly!”

I love my mom. :)

threJosefina and Cécile gave me this next gift, which niftily fits into my birthday dress pocket.

IMG_4431Look at this little guy! Isn’t he adorable?

IMG_4432I’m not sure what to name him yet. Any ideas? I thought Jerry, Jimmy, or Timmy were nice names, but I’m still deciding. If you’d like, comment below with any suggestions on what I should name this little toy bear.

IMG_4433And here is my second gift. Emelie and Ellie made this together for me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 4.11.21 PMIt’s a beautiful bracelet with the first letter of my name on it! I love it, and I’m wearing it right now!

IMG_4436And here is the last gift! Isn’t the box itself pretty? I appreciate things like that. But anyways, onto the gift inside! It is from Chloe and Jasmine.

IMG_4437Aren’t these shoes so cute? I love them!

IMG_4438And look! My birthstone, diamond, is in the middle of each flower! That was a thoughtful detail. I can’t wait to try out these shoes with my outfits.

oneThanks for joining me in this birthday post! I’ve had such a great birthday, and I hope all you amazing Molly’s out there have had an awesome birthday as well.

What should I name my litle toy bear? Comment below with your suggestions.

Have a blessed day!