Happy Halloween, everyone! Does everyone know what they are dressing up as? Hopefully it’s nothing too scary – LOL! I’m going to be an Indian Princess (no, not an Indian as in Native American, Indian as in from India!)  and we’re going to my BFF’s concert, then at the same place they are performing at there is going to be a Halloween Carnival. My dolls all had a great COSTUME BALL! I took pictures. It looked like they were having a lot of fun! ;)

(I will be the narrator for this photo story)

IMG_1665Everyone was excitedly chattering the day of the Annual Costume Ball. Everyone was dressed up in the most glorious costumes!

IMG_1666But where was Jasmine? Aha, there she is, making sure everything looks right.

IMG_1667“Ackhem!” Jasmine yelled, clearing her throat. “It is I, Princess Jasmine of DollyVille!”

IMG_1668Everyone gathered around to listen up.

IMG_1669“As host of this years Annual Costume Ball, I suggest we all count down from ten to zero – and that will officially start the festivities!”


“Let us begin the fun!” Princess Jasmine cried.

IMG_1670Jasmine led everyone to the Snack Table. So many treats and drinks were offered!

IMG_1671“OK, I’ll have a delicious sand-which with a side of mustard, but not to much because my stomach is sensitive, and a nice glass of…hmm, diet water sounds good! Yes, I’ll take a diet ice-water, but not too much ice because I don’t like my water too watered-down, you know? And a bag of chips, plus…”

“Molly-Anne! We’re on!”

“What? OH MY GOODNESS! Oh, uh, hello everyone! Molly-Anne and Jocelyn from the DollyNews here, and today we are doing a report on Who’s Wearing What!”

IMG_1672“So, Cécile and Josefina, what are you dressed up as?”

IMG_1673Cécile giggled. “I’m dressed up as Josefina!” she replied. “And I’m dressed up as Cécile!” Josefina exclaimed.

IMG_1674“Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! Jocelyn and I are dressed up in each other’s meet outfits, too! Wow!”

IMG_1675“Molly? What are you dressed up as?” Molly answered with a swish of her hips and a swoosh of her hands. “Why, I am a Hawaiian Hula Dancer, of course!” Molly answered. Then Molly, Molly-Anne and Jocelyn all did the hula!

IMG_1676“Who are you, Emilie?” Molly-Anne asked. “Emilie? Who’s Emilie? I’m Tinker-Bell!” Jocelyn and Molly-Anne looked at her costume. “But didn’t Tinker Bell wear a dress made out of leaves?” Emile shrugged. “It was the only fairy-like dress I had,” she responded. Molly-Anne and Jocelyn nodded.

IMG_1677“And who are you, Jasmine?” Jasmine flipped her long hair and struck a fancy pose. “Isn’t it obvious? I am Princess Jasmine! I am gorgeous.”

IMG_1678Then Jocelyn and Molly-Anne left the party. Their reporter business was done! Molly-Anne went to go get a sandwich and….diet water? LOL! I couldn’t help taking another pretty picture of Jocelyn. I finally took her Rope Braid out and put in some regular braids (after all, she is dressed up as Molly-Anne! LOL.) She is SOOOOO cute!

Anyways, back to the Costume Ball.

IMG_1680“Alright, everyone!” Princess Jasmine announced. “It is time to play a game! You can put your name on a slip of paper and put it in this spider pot right beside me. I will draw one of the papers out. Whoever’s name is on there wins a pack of Halloween Tinker-Bell stickers!”

IMG_1681Emilie was the first to sign up, LOL!

IMG_1682After everyone had put their names in, it was time for the drawing! Jasmine closed her eyes, stuck her hand into the pot, reached around and pulled out…

IMG_1683Emilie’s name! Yayyyy Emilie!

IMG_1684But there were SO many stickers! How was Emilie going to use them all? So Emilie decided to share her stickers with everybody.

IMG_1685Emilie loved the stickers. XD

IMG_1686Then it was time to decorate trick-or-treat bags (but they weren’t gonna trick or treat at the Costume Ball.)(sorry about the fuzzy picture. It was great quality when I took it, IDK what happened!)

IMG_1687Emilie’s Bag;

IMG_1688Jasmine’s Bag;

IMG_1689Josefina’s Bag;

IMG_1690Cècile’s bag;

IMG_1691And Molly’s bag.

Which bag was your favorite?

IMG_1692All of the bags were soon filled with…

Cècile’s favorite….


After much dancing (it IS a ball, after all!)(hey, that rhymed.), partying, and eating treats, the Annual Costume ball was soon and sadly…over :(

IMG_1693Everyone left with rotten teeth and empty candy bags. LOL! Just kidding! They didn’t eat too much candy.

What did you think of the Costume Ball? Are you going to dress up? Are you going to trick or treat? Or will you go to a Costume Ball of Fall Festival like my dolls and I?

Happy Halloween!


Madison and the Gang

P.S. Yes, Fame Isn’t Everything premiers tomorrow!