Madison here…and today, I will share with you the last two days of our adventure!

I wake up, bright and early the next morning!

IMG_0472Emilie woke up too! She used my back-pack as a sleeping bag! ;) :D

IMG_0473Ooh! How cute! I <3 her outfit.

We ate breakfast, went on some walks, fed the animals (Sapphire the cat, and Max and Lucky the dogs!).

But the last walk we went on, was a different trail, up many hills and stuff. I had popped my leg the day before we traveled to here, so my leg was not doing very well. (but after we came home, my dad and I prayed for it in the name of Jesus, and it was healed instantly.) The walk was long, and my legs were tired. Just because where my cousins live is beautiful, doesn’t mean we have to go on walks every five minutes! :p So we headed back. I had the hiccups, which made my head hurt, and my feet and legs hurt, so I finally just laid back in bed and tried to get some sleep.

And I woke up feeling refreshed and energized, by my cousin Connor coming into the room to grab something is my brother, Russell’s! XD (they were giving each other LEGO bricks and stuff.) Me: I had a weird dream. Connor: What did you dream about? Me: About…school, folders, and…underpants! XD :P

Then, Russell, Stevie, Uncle Steve, and Connor all picked teams and played football! Russell did well against the older guys. He’s really learning football well! He won the final touchdown – hurray! Connor and Russell’s team win!

Then I practiced dribbling a basketball -and even dunk some baskets! Being tall for my age, having good arms and legs, I like basket-ball – just don’t make me compete! I don’t like seeing people lose when they try so hard! LOL!

IMG_1652Then, we had Uncle Steve’s birthday!!!! YAYYY!!!

Then we watch….FINDING NEMO! I’ve watched it lots of times, but it’s soooo funny, and sad and sweet at some parts!

Then, we go to bed…

IMG_0481Emilie and I wake up the next morning! It’s the day we leave! :( We loved visiting our cousins, aunts, and uncles – but it’s time to go home now.

Oooooh….sassy XD LOL :)

IMG_0483Emilie wanted to stay in her Pj’s. Oooh, look at ’em splits! (sorry about the terrible picture quality, I only brought my ipod touch. I only took a few that needed good quality on the iPad mini, because uploading pictures from different devices mixes pictures up so I don’t know which goes where. I chose to take the majority of these pictures for this trip on my ipod touch because it’s small and it can fit into the zipper of my backpack easily for safe and quick storage. the Ipad mini? Ehh….not so much.)

IMG_0484In the car now! :D

IMG_0485Must work on school. Moms just love to give kids multiplication and division. You can’t skip that. ;)


IMG_0488Then we stop to play at the playplace while eating at…

IMG_0489MCDONALD’S! (yes, sorry, only option around.)

IMG_0490The playplace was all wet, so we couldn’t play in it XD but we did get delicious chicken nuggets, fries, and applepies! :P

IMG_0491Then we stop here to get some gas, and a coke for Granddad.






I had A LOT of fun with these! XD



Watch this! This is the biggest bubble I’ve ever blown! :D

IMG_0511Hehe. Then I did a sill hairstyle to Em. ;P

IMG_0513After a LONG 8 hours…… we get to Grandda’s house!


IMG_0516We switch back into our car.

IMG_0517And drive home…

IMG_0518Yes, home…


Did you like seeing what we did at our cousins’ house? Did it look fun?

Do you like to visit your relatives?


Madison and Emilie