Madison here! Happy Mother’s Day, all you amazing mom’s out there! Yesterday, I took Molly-Anne to go swimming at my real-life BFF’s house yesterday (it was their big brother’s birthday) Mini Dolls can ACTUALLY SWIM! YES! They don’t have sleep eyes (unless you have a Pleasant Company/Pre-Mattel one) and their cloth bodies are easy to dry if you put them in front of a fan, unclothed, over night. :D

(thanks @ my big sister, Makenzie, for taking this photo yesterday! She is an aspiring photographer.) :)
What did you do for Mother’s Day today? Go out for a special dinner? Stay home and love bomb your mom? Share with us your special Mother’s Day moments! :)
Madison, Molly, Molly-Anne, Josefina, Cecile and Coconut :)