Molly here – I wanted to show you what a typical day training at the gym is like for me!

First, Coach Josie helps me with my form on the high bars. I’m doing the side splits!
Cecile shows off HER side splits to the little dolls – hehe! Kelly, the one with the blonde hair, is her doll. And of course, you all know Molly-Anne! :D
Some pretty, inspiring posters mom painted!
My fast-flying moves on the bar!
Well, that’s a typical day at the gym!
Hope you enjoyed :)
Mom got a “steroid shot” today, and she has her leg in a brace and can’t bend her knee for 24 hours so the medicine can stay in place. Then, after 24 hours, she can’t do any hyper-active activities…FOR TWO WEEKS! She’s probably going to get really behind in training for gymnastics, so please pray she doesn’t get behind! Thanks. :)