DWODThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving, everybody! Have you eaten yet? I have – we did a “Vegan Thanksgiving” this year, and it was actually pretty good! (mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, vegan stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, gluten-free bread, and I can’t forget – pumpkin pie and coconut whipped cream! We’re even having pecan pie later, too.) I just didn’t have any turkey. Boo, because I love turkey, especially when I can’t have it.

But I am extremely thankful that I am not blind or crippled in a wheelchair. I may have one arthritic knee, (that is going to be healed very soon in the name of Jesus!) but I’m not bedridden. I can still walk, run, and see. I might have pain, and I might have stiffness, but nothing, I repeat; NOTHING, is going to keep me down and stop me from doing what God has called me to do. For that, I am truly thankful!

As always, I am thankful for Jesus, my family, and my old – and new – friends. I’m also very thankful for YOU – getting to know each and every one of you as a friend has truly been a great pleasure. Reading your comments always make me smile, and some of you even have blogs that I love to read. You girls have been a great encouragement to me as well a beautiful blessing. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life!

I am also very thankful for American Girl dolls, food, books, tea and hot cocoa/chocolate, APPLE CIDER, snow (even though it does not snow here. :P), dance and gymnastics, art, my phone, music, just to name a few! I know many around the world don’t have food to eat or even a good house to live in. I am always praying for those people and our family ministry raises money for and has missionaries on the ground sharing Gospel of Jesus Christ with them daily!

Let’s remember to be thankful for our MANY blessings not only today, but every day!

Here are some beautiful bonus pictures of Olly Molly!

IMG_0040 IMG_0047 IMG_0046 IMG_0045 IMG_0044 IMG_0042

So…what are you especially thankful for? Say it, it won’t make my mouth water – okay, maybe a little – are you enjoying turkey? And maybe even honey smoked ham? Lemon pepper chicken? Other amazing meats I don’t even know of? It’s okay, really, I’m not hungry for that…at all…heh, heh, maybe a little…