Hey, girls! Today’s MDM is being posted a bit later than usual, sorry ’bout that! (Though we just started last week) That is because we picked out a Christmas tree this afternoon! How cool is that? I am so excited to begin decorated the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I am in charge of decorating – I am going all-out! I’m making mini penguins from empty toilet-paper rolls I’ve been collecting, making huge ribbons bows to place on vast, empty area’s of wall, and putting jingle bells all the doorknobs we have enough bells for!

I am VERY excited about Christmas, LOL! But enough about that. Jessa is very stressed out about Thanksgiving coming up…I wonder why?

IMG_0014~Told in the POV of Jessa~

I could not stop pacing back and forth, completely stressed out and terribly dissapointed. “Thanksgiving is ruined! Thanksgiving is ruined!” kept racing back and forth in my mind as constitent as my continuous pacing.

IMG_0015“Jessa – what on earth is wrong?”

Molly-Anne finally asked after about five minutes. The other mini dolls had been staring at me, trying to decipher what I was going through. I am not one to express my emotions very loudly, so they had been watching my pacing for a good while.

At first, I thought it was rude for them to stare at me, but soon became too worried and distraught to care.

IMG_0016I quietly laid on my cushion Madison had given me,, not wanting to answer her question. How on earth was I to tell her that Thanksgiving was ruined – absolutely ruined?

IMG_0017By now, I could feel them staring at me. That was very annoying, so I sat up, took a breath, and told her the truth.

“I have worked a long time on the Thanksgiving menu,” I began quietly. “I wanted your first Thanksgiving in Florida to be remarkably special and enjoyable, because I know how much each one of you miss Texas. I cannot relate, since I’ve lived most of my life in Florida, but I know how it feels to miss something very much. That is aside from the point, however; I wanted this Thanksgiving to be grand and wonderful! I had planned a glorious turkey stuffed with the most delectable of stuffings; but alas, when I began shopping, every single one of the turkeys was sold out. Every single one. Thanksgiving is absolutely ruined! I am so sorry – I wanted it to be enjoyable for you this year!”

IMG_0018Celina was the first to give me a hug, which surprised me.

IMG_0019Molly-Anne and Jocelyn soon followed. I smiled a little bit – it felt really, really good. It made my insides all happy – I stopped worrying for a moment of time.

IMG_0020When the hug ended, Jocelyn, back in her seat, told me;

“Jessa, Thanksgiving is not about turkeys. It never was. It’s about being thankful for everything God has blessed you with. It is so sweet of you to think of us and plan a wonderful meal, it touches my heart so much! But turkey or no turkey, it is a time to be thankful.”

IMG_0022Then Celina nodded in agreement and added, “One thing I am thankful for is you. You are so sweet, kind, and loving, and so thoughtful of others – like Jocelyn, it touches my heart that you would put so much care and heartfelt thought into making this a truly meaningful Thanksgiving for us. What makes it so much more meaningful is not just the food, but the fact that you’re here to celebrate it with us, too!”

IMG_0023I smiled bigger this time. “Gracias,” I blurted, my heart too happy and mind too relieved to think about speaking in English. “I am truly thankful for all of you, too!”

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Are you excited about Christmas?