Hello, absolutely amazing person! How are you enjoying the last few days of 2016? (Rhetorical question – do not answer for reasons stated below) (This is an important post, just keep reading) I’m having a lot of sentimental fun by taking each month of 2016 and playing a song or two that I listened to during that time. I love to reminisce on all the happy memories I’ve made this year… Ahh, nostalgia. ?

Oh, by the way, it’s Madi here! I have good news and great news. Which one would you like to hear first?

Alright, good news it is. Delightful World of Dolls is about to become speedy fast! Like, lightning fast! Ever noticed how snail-slow this site is? How insanely long the pictures take to load sometimes? Do you ever get annoyed at that? Don’t worry, I do, too. That’s why we’re switching to a faster server! But because DWOD is so huge, it will take a few days to move it all to new servers that will speed it up.

Which means that during this time, if you comment, it will be lost into the endless depths of cyberspace forever, and I will never see it. :( DWOD’s scheduled maintenance time is over the next couple of days, so be sure not to comment. Everything will be moving as fast as possible – any new comments will not be backed up.

And now for the great news!

I have the first part of a multiple-part photostory featuring my new doll all typed up and ready to post! I’ve been planning it (as well as my new doll’s name) for more than an entire month now! I just have to wait until after DWOD switches servers to post it. :( I promise I’m not trying to hold you in suspense – I was actually going to post it today, but then I was notified that the server switch must happen now. Or maybe I am trying to hold you in suspense… ?

I’ve also had part one of HOTH season 3 almost completely ready to post ever since the finale was posted. ;) But I don’t want to start season 3 yet. I might post part one sometime soon as a teaser, but the rest of season 3 won’t begin until we’re well into 2017. Sorry. XD

In conclusion…

… DWOD will be under construction for the next few days, so please do not leave any comments until it’s all completed (I’ll let you know when that is). But I have some exciting posts planned that I can’t wait to share when it’s over! I’m hoping that my new server company will have the switch completed by the 30th, because I want to post something I have planned by then. ;)

I hope you are having a totally amazing rest of your year! You can absolutely contact me using my contact page, but as for commenting back and forth, I’ll see you in a few days – when DWOD is super fast and easy to load!

Until then… do NOT leave a comment below! ;)


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