The dolls of DWOD were happy as could be

As they adored the bulbs on the tree.

Ellie was gazing at the yummy candy

And a gift exchange was about to be starting.

Atop the table; a pyramid of croissants

Underneath the tree; wishes and wants.

Christmas cheer was in the air

The decorations, too; they were there.

They had waited so long

For that day to arrive.

They finished the countdown calendar

And somehow survived.

They had sent out Christmas cards

With so much happiness

Now the day was finally here;

What joy and what bliss!

There was just one question:

Was Madison getting a new doll?

For there was a mysterious eighth stocking

That puzzled them all.

As treats were eaten

And presents were opened

The dolls of DWOD realized

What a wonderful gift they’ve been given.

Happy as could be

They gathered ’round the tree

To share in the glorious


After the presents were opened

And the gifts were unwrapped

The warm, cozy glow of the fire

Had the dolls of DWOD trapped.

A spontaneous verse

Started out right

And in lovely chorus

They began “Silent Night.”

Their mostly gorgeous voices

Rose to the heavens above

As they each felt enveloped

In their Savior’s love.

Silent night

Holy night

All is calm

All is right…

And then Ellie snuck away and ruined the entire moment.

“Hey!” she shrieked, greatly interrupting the Christmas carol. Josefina harshly shushed her as the others continued singing, but Ellie persisted, “Jasmine! The chocolates you gave me today are half-gone!”

Jasmine broke away from the singing circle. “That’s because I ate half of them!” she grinned.

“What?! That’s not a present if it’s half-gone!”

“Of course it is. They’re really good, too. Hey, can I have one more?” Jazzy reached for the box of chocolate truffles, while Ellie gaped at her in shock.

“No way!” She refused, ripping the box away from Jasmine’s reach.

“Guys, don’t argue-” Josefina began to scold, walking over to the two chocolate-lovers.

And that began catastrophe.



“My wrist!”

“My ankle!”

“My face!”

Josefina tripped over her golden, high-heeled sandals and collided into Jasmine, who collided into Ellie, who collided onto the hard wooden floor. This interrupted the song entirely, and all four of the remaining carolers looked away from the glowing embers of the fire and at the disasters sprawled on the floor.

“Are they dead?” Chloe asked in glee. She had heard of dramatic deaths on Christmas, but never got to witness one.

“I’ll probably wish I was tomorrow,” Jasmine groaned as Cécile scolded Chloe for asking such a horrid thing. “Thanks a lot, Josie.”

“I’m sorry!” wailed Josefina.

“OWWW! MY FACE!” Ellie cried, rolling over. “But hey, chocolate!” She reached for a truffle before Jasmine had the chance.

In the midst of the chaos, a tiny figure slipped up to the Christmas party and reached for the eighth stocking.

Why, it was Tova!

“Madison said she saved a stocking for me,” Tova called to nobody in particular. They were too busy helping the others up after their accidental dogpile.

So Madison isn’t getting another doll after all, Molly realized to herself. It’s been over a year, and we’ve all been hoping for a new friend or even sister. Oh, well.

“Gracias,” Josefina sighed as Chloe, Emelie, and Cécile began to help her up. “I’m still getting used to these huge shoes!”

So much for a silent night, Molly mused. She had wanted a nice, traditional Christmas free of craziness. I need some peace and quiet. After glancing outside, Molly realized with wide eyes that it was almost completely dark! Had the entire day gone by just like that? The presents, food, games, carols, chaos… It had been fun. Time had flown by.

Molly began to quietly slip way from the party anyway. She wanted to gaze at the pretty Christmas lights outside in silence.

Molly’s footsteps echoed down the quiet hallway.

“Wow!” Molly breathed as she stared through the window at the gorgeous, twinkling lights. She reached for the door, but stopped abruptly, staring closer at the figure barely recognizable through glass panes.

Who is that?!

“Guys!” she called.

“Someone is at the door!”


P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have had the best Christmas yet, only to be topped by every one after! :D I am off to take a much-deserved, long-awaited holiday, so even though I might not respond to your comments for a day or two or three or four, I am extremely curious – what did you get for Christmas?! Did you get any dolls?! Anything from AG? Anything at all? Well, I certainly hope you got something for Christmas. :P If not, I am giving you a BIG virtual hug and letting you know you’ve been given the greatest gift ever! Actually, regardless of whether you received gifts or not, I’m still giving you a big virtual hug! You mean so much to me and it has been a privilege to share my posts with you for four years now. Thank you so much for following, commenting, liking, or even just reading! You are AWESOME! ♥

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