This was the new series of posts I was talking about. Much to your most likely chagrin, it shall be quite dramatic, sad, but end happy. Are you ready?

Ellie’s point of view

IMG_0001“Ugh,” I grumbled one Sunday afternoon. “When is MY part in the stopmotion gonna come up?” I had been waiting and waiting while Madison endlessly snapped picture after picture of the stars of an upcoming stopmotion. “Patience,” Madison told me. “Every doll will get her chance to shine.”

Madi says stuff like that a lot, and I should have just said, “Okay,” like usual, but just then, we heard a knock on the door. But it wasn’t a human knock, so Madi figured it was probably Jocelyn wanting to come back in. She had been in the Christmas room.

“Get that for me, would you?” She asked as she popped out the memory card to her camera. “I’ve got to upload this scene into iMovie, then I need to eat lunch.”

Glad to be doing something rather than waiting around imaptiently for the camera to turn to me, I jumped up without hesitance to open the door. Maybe I could play with Jocelyn or something since I didn’t have any dolls of my own.

IMG_0005“Hi Joc-” I stopped short when I opened the door. Who was this?!

IMG_0006“Hello?” The little girl asked. “Is this 1944 D-W-O-D Drive?”

She was adorable, sweet, and slightly shy, but who was she and why was she here?

“Yes,” I responded slowly.

IMG_0012“Who are you?”

IMG_0013“My name is Tova Longridge,” Her dark eyes darted from here to there, taking all the surroundings in. She looked a little scared, but seemed relieved to be here. “I am so happy to have arrived,” Tova told me.

Had Madison gotten another doll without telling us? That couldn’t be. Madison doesn’t keep things like this from us. She would tell us so we could plan a surprise party for the doll and be ready for her.

IMG_0015“Um, come right in,” I mumbled, unsure of what to do. My mind was buzzing with, What? What? What? Who is this girl? Why is she here? I hope Madison has an explanation. 

IMG_0016“Hey, guys,” I cleared my throat to the dolls who were carefully staying in their poses until Madison came back to finish the scene. “This is – Tova,”

IMG_0020“Hello! Are you all my sisters?” Tova asked a little timidly, waving her hand shyly. She seemed ready to burst with happiness of being here, but why?

IMG_0022“Hi, Tova! I’m Chloe!” Chloe introduced herself. That’s just like Chloe, I thought proudly of my friend. She’s always ready to make new friends and is always friendly to everyone. She’s so kind. “I’m new here, too! When did you arrive in Florida?”

“Just this morning,” Answered Tova. “The orphan train dropped me off at the train station nearby. I didn’t know where to go, but I had memorized the address of this place – my very first home – by heart, so I asked around ended up here!”

Did she say orphan train? I realized with alarm and shock. Does Tova think we’re adopting her? That can’t be! Madison firmly decided and told us she wouldn’t be adopting any more dolls until next year!

“We never adopted anyone,” I spoke up loudly. Tova turned to me, comfused. “W-what?” She asked, as if the news broke her heart. “But the matron said…”

“She said something that wasn’t true,” I interrupted. “There’s been a mistake. You’re not supposed to be here.”

Tova’s little eyes filled with tears. It broke my heart – I didn’t want to make her sad, but I had been grumpy all day and wanted people to listen to me and what I had to say about things!

IMG_0026Everyone abandoned their poses for the stop motion. “No, no, no, Tova!” Cécile cried, jumping up and wrapping the distraught little girl into her arms. “We don’t know why you’re here, but you’re certainly wanted and welcomed! If there has been a mistake, Madison, my mother, will tell us when she returns.”

Cécile shot me a look, which seemed to say, How could you do that? You should have waited until Madison got here to see if there was a mistake!

I looked down, avoiding her glare. I felt awful for making Tova so sad.

IMG_0027“Sit down, Tova. Tell us about yourself,” Cécile finally said.

“Well, I have lived at the doll orphanage all my life. Then, the matron told me that I had been adopted. I was so happy when I learned the girl who was adopting me had other dolls, too. I wondered if they would all be my sisters, or roommates, or friends. I was elated and excited! I am a Disney Princess toddler doll, and I am six years old.”

IMG_0028“I hope there has been no mistake and that I will be adopted,” She added sadly. “I’ve been homeless for so long – all my life! The orphanage doesn’t count as a home, does it? It’s such an awful place to be.”

Jasmine, over in the corner, nodded her head rapidly. “I know, I know,” She seemed almost glad to have someone to relate to. “I’ve lived in an orphanage before, too. It was horrible. All the mean girls, the cold beds, and the-“

“Yucky food!” Both girls finished together. Tova nodded. “I’ve known it all too well,” She sighed. “But I am so glad to be here. I feel at home, and I hope I get to stay.”

IMG_0029Josefina, with her loving and mother-like tender grace, came over and gently placed a relieving hand on Tova’s shoulder. “You shall stay with us for now, Little One,” Josefina smiled. “Until things get all figured out.”

“Oh, I’m so happy!” Tova cried eagerly.

IMG_0030The rest of the afternoon was spent with us making arrangements as to where Tova should sleep, when we would talk to Madison about her, and getting to know her better. Poor Tova only had the cheap clothes on her back, pretty as the matron tried to make them, and a few ratty pieces of clothing in her old knapsack. She had such a hard life at the orphanage, and we all hoped more than anything that there had been truly no mistake and that Tova was going to live here with us.

Otherwise, Tova would be homeless.

To be continued…

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