Hehe, it’s a day late, but around Christmastime everyone’s busy! I’ve been sending out Christmas cards, been deemed as the official gift-wrapper of all the gifts except mine, and I’ve also been planning for hosting my very own American Girl club at a local park. I’m really excited about it!

But, Mini Doll Monday (Or, heh heh, Tuesday) is better late than never, am I right or am I right? I am right, well hopefully anyways, so here is the Mini Doll Christmas Get-Together told in the POV of Celina!

IMG_0080I may or may not have been a tad bit jealous as I walked into the Christmas room for our annual Mini Doll Christmas Get-Together.

IMG_0082Why? Take a look at everyone’s fab dresses!



IMG_0086And then look at my own. I felt a little embarrased, too, when I stepped in. I had made this dress myself at the last minute, because I completely forgot about the get-together and had already agreed to let Jessa borrow my fancy meet dress.

IMG_0081I felt like I was practically dressed in holiday-colored rags! What would the other girls think of my not-so-fancy-shmancy dress?

IMG_0088But my envy melted away when the girls noticed I arrived. “Yay! Celina! I am so glad you made it!” Molly-Anne cried, giving me a big hug.

I felt silly to think about my dress. Clothes weren’t the point of the get-together! Celebrating Christmas – the birth of Jesus – was the reason we were all here!

“I’m glad to have made it, too!” I replied, hugging her back.

IMG_0089Jocelyn hugged me, too, and that began a very fun night.

First, Jocelyn’s big red bow went missing when Madison took a picture, and nobody could find it.  Jocelyn deemed it the Case of the Missing Bow, and said that she and Dr. Coconut might solve the case later.

Then, we had fun talking and laughing and telling stories. We even had my favorite flavor of cake – vanilla with cream cheese icing and pink roses. Christina had fourths and said that she had never tasted a cake so tasty, and none of us could blame her.

Next we played party games, like Cherades and Who Am I?, and finished the night with Christmas carols like O Come All Ye Faithful, Let It Snow (Fat chance in Florida! :P), and Carol of the Bells.

(Listen to it yourself by clicking on the play above!)

That one makes Molly-Anne, Molly and Madison cry because it reminds them of home, and so when Molly-Anne began sobbing we all offered her tissues and hugs. She felt much better, and recovered from a red nose just in time to take the Mini Doll Family Christmas picture.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.10.22 PMMerry Christmas, everybody!



P.S. Homeless Part 2 will be posted very soon!