~Told in the POV of Ellie~

IMG_0077I plumped down by the Christmas tree and let the tears come. How could Madison send Tova away to the orphanage? How could she be so cruel and heartless?

IMG_0001When no more tears came, I blinked my eyes a few times and took a breath. Clear your thoughts, I thought to myself. I redid my hair and renewed my outlook.

IMG_0004Clipping my hair back, I reflected on everything that happened. Maybe I could convince Madison, in a better tone of voice, not to send Tova away. Perhaps she would let us keep her and find out if there really was a mistake… Suppose Tova could be a part of our great big doll and stuffed animal family.

IMG_0005Just then, my best friend, Josefina, came walking in. She looked very beautiful in Cécile’s meet dress, a fancy bun, and a pearl headband. It must be time for Christmas pictures, I thought. After all, it is Christmas Eve.

IMG_0007“Hey, Ellie, what are you doing over here? Everybody’s getting ready for Christmas pictures.” Josefina asked me, concerned.

“I’m in time-out,” I answered with a long sigh.

“Oh,” Josie mumbled, not sure what else to say. “How long do you have to stay here?”

“Until I clear my thoughts and can talk to Madison in the mature way she knows I can, apparently. But I can’t! Has Tova been sent to the orphanage yet?! How can Madison be so heartless? Oh, Josefina, how could you bear to watch Tova be sent away-“

IMG_0010“Ellie,” Josefina interrupted. “What are you talking about? Sent away? Tova’s not being sent away.”


“H-how?” I asked, bewildered. “I thought that’s what Madison was going to do.”

“No!” Josefina giggled, shaking her head. “You must not have finished hearing what Mama decided. She would never send Tova back, especially not so close to Christmas. Tova is staying with us! Mama contacted the orphanage not so long ago. Tova apprently showed the owner of the orphanage some kindness, and she was so touched she wanted to find a good home for Tova as soon as possible. She looked for a good home, and even though we never adopted her, Tova was sent to us because we’d be the best home for her! Mama has officially declared, she’s staying!

IMG_0011As happy as I was to hear Tova was staying, I was furious at myself for jumping to conclusions.

I closed my eyes and let out a painful breath I’ve been holding in all this time. I opened my eyes and looked at Josie. “So that’s why Madison was talking to Tova? She wasn’t going to send her back at all?

“Mama would never do that,” Josefina assured me confidently.

My cheeks turned hot. How silly of me to think… Oh, that was horrible of me to yell at Madison like that, when all this time she was going to keep Tova! I should have trusted her!

“I feel horrible now,” I admitted. “I yelled like a crazy person and made a false assumption so quickly and so foolishly! In front of Tova, too. I am such a birdbrain!”

IMG_0012“No, you’re not. You were concerned for Tova and wanted what was best for her, and you stubbornly stood to what you believed. That’s an amazing quality. Now come on – I’ll help you get ready for Christmas pictures.” Josefina told me, extending her hand to help me up.

I smiled at her sweetness, and took her hand.

IMG_0013“Ready? Most of the fancy holiday dresses have been taken, but I saved my special one for you.”

“No,” I shook my head, and Josefina looked confused.

“But – why?”

“I have to apologize to Madison first,” I smiled. “And then I can get ready for Christmas pictures.”

So Tova isn’t homeless anymore! She has a home – she’s staying with us!




P.S. Sorry this was short – only three parts, I know. But, mwahaha, this won’t end the dramatic photostories! Check out the new Christmas post for more drama, friendship, and new dolls!