Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.11.02 PMHope everyone has had a wonderful, Merry Christmas, everybody! Here are my doll’s Christmas pictures as mentioned in the finale of Homeless. Keep reading to find out what new doll has been added to my little Delightful World of Dolls…

IMG_0023Molly is wearing her Evergreen Velvet Christmas Dress. I love it so much and am so happy I recieved it for Christmas! It comes with cream bows and dainty black flats.

Josefina is wearing Cécile’s meet dress with a bracelet I made for my dolls. She has her hair in a bun with two tiny braids woven into it and a string of pearls as a headband. The pearls match the three little roses on the dress.

IMG_0024Here we have Cécile, Emelie, and Jasmine, who are all decked out in purple.

Cécile is wearing her Parlor Outfit – it is one of my favorite outfits for her to wear!

Emelie is wearing her Holiday Dress – one of the oldest AG outfits I own. I got this dress when I first recieved Molly in Christmas of 2011. I can’t believe it’s been four years since then – well, I won’t drag you through a sentimental moment with me, so let’s move on. I did a pretty half-up half-down ponytail on her with the bow from her dress on it. It looks very beautiful, I don’t know why I don’t do this hairstyle on her more often. You’ll get a view of it up close soon.

Jasmine is wearing the Purple Holiday Dress from My Life As that I recieved two years ago. It comes with a hand mitt, but she’s not wearing it now. Jasmine is also wearing a flower headband from an Etsy shop called That’s Lolli.

IMG_0025And last, we have Ellie and Chloe, my two little adventurers!

Ellie is wearing Josefina’s Dress and Vest, a summertime outfit, but it looks festive to me with the retty red and gold pattern on the skirt.

Chloe is wearing Cécile’s Summer Dress, but I think it works like a holiday dress anyways.

IMG_0035Smile, dollies, to the other camera!

IMG_0036Tova decides to join in on the Christmas pictures! Isn’t adorable? If you’ve read the finale of Homeless, you know she’s staying with us! :D

IMG_0037Now it’s time for new profile pictures!

IMG_0040IMG_0041I love my olly Molly so much! I just watched the Molly movie yesterday, on December 27th. Molly rocks! For Christmas, Molly got her movie and the dress she is wearing, her retired Evergreen Velvet Christmas dress.

IMG_0042And I can’t get enough of Emily’s sweet accent in the movie! She is so sweet and pretty!

IMG_0043IMG_0046IMG_0047For Christmas, Emelie got Mini Emily! She’s been hoping, wanting, wishing and asking for Mini Emily for such a long time, and now she finally has her. Emelie is so delighted!


IMG_0049Josefina! :)

IMG_0050IMG_0051For Christmas, she got her journey book! I’ve read some of it already. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that when Josefina was praying, the modern girl thought she was “pretty religious”, which I don’t think was very nice. :P “A girl of faith” would’ve been much nicer. Josefina’s family prays a lot and the book mentions God, and that I like very much. :D

IMG_0052Cécile received a lovely bag for Christmas! The next time she goes on a sleepover to Texas with me, she’ll bring her clothes in this. :) My Mimi and Papaw bought this for me. :D



IMG_0055Here is Jasmine!


IMG_0058For Christmas, she got the birthstone earrings! They are absolutely lovely. I bought two of these for my BFF’s when I moved last year both as a Christmas present and a goodbye-gift, and hoped one day I’d own them, too. So many beautiful color choices and two pretty dangles! And now I have it. Jaz can’t wait to try it out!

IMG_0062And here we have the lovely Ellie! Isn’t she just darling with the two cute little maroon bows in her hair?

IMG_0063For Christmas, she got a very cute handmade doll outfit from a doll fair, I believe, with a matching little purse! My Mimi and Papaw bought this for me. :D

IMG_0064Chloe is so cute without her glasses!

IMG_0065IMG_0066She recieved the American Girl Crafts brand Girl Stickers! I love the AG Crafts brand. I want everything from them! XD.

And now for a quick photostory told in the POV of Emelie.
*In a beautiful British accent, please*

IMG_0067I had left to get a drink of water after the pictures were done and opening presents were all going on. When I arrived back, everybody had opened all of their gifts, and mine still lay under the tree. At least, I thought it did, for I couldn’t see it.

IMG_0068“Emelie, your gift is next,” Molly grinned one of her famous grins. “Oh,” I mumbled, quite dissapointed. I had given up the hope of getting what I truly wanted for Christmas, and my birthday, and in general, long ago.

(This is the pretty view of her hairstyle I talked about! Isn’t it lovely? :) ~Madi~)

IMG_0069Molly and Ellie slowly inched apart, and I tried to stifle a cry of surprise.

IMG_0070It was my doll!

I gasped, not sure of what to say. “H-how?” I stammered over my words. “I thought – I thought I’d never get her!”

IMG_0071For a moment, I just stared at the beauty, blinking back happy tears.

IMG_0072I slowly walked to her, all eyes on me, and picked the box up.

IMG_0073I sat down and gently held her in my arms. “She’s beautiful,” I choked up, trying to put what I felt into words, but it was impossible.

IMG_0074I slowly pulled off the lid, and a chorus of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” erupted as her face became visible.

IMG_0075“Oh,” I murmered breathlessly. “Oh, she’s so beautiful! She’s even more beautiful than I imagined her!”

IMG_0077“I’ve wanted you for ever so long,” I whispered to her, picking her delicate, beautiful body up.

IMG_0079I turned to Molly, my eyes all shiny and wet.

“Thank you, Molly,” I whispered, unable to really talk clearly for the emotion in my voice. Then I turned to all of my friends. “Thank you all.”

IMG_0080I cradled my doll in my arms, delighted over my most precious treasure.

IMG_0081“I will keep her forever and ever,” I promised to myself. I looked into her bright blue eyes, and she seemed to smile back at me. She had looked a little scared and shy when I pulled her out of the box, but as we locked gazes, she looked so happy to be with me, and I was just elated to finally hold her.

IMG_0083“I’ll call her Emma,” I decided officially. “Emma Bennett.”


Emelie and Emma

Welcome to DWOD, Emma Bennett!

Today is Mini Doll Monday, so later today, check back for a photostory featuring Emma! Don’t forget to check out the finale of Homeless, which i just posted before this one.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, everybody!