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Hang on to Hope
Season 1, Part 1

Photo story series by Madison Lorfing

HOTH Season 1, Part 1

“Yes ma’am… I understand that… She’s just a child…… No…… I……… Can’t do that to her……. Of course not…….. Do you have any better ideas? …………… Fine then, we’ll have to move her…….. Again. Yes, yes. Goodbye, Mrs. Allen.”

I squirmed as I heard Martha on the phone. I could only hear tidbits of her conversation, but I already knew what it meant.
I’m being placed elsewhere.

The name? Issa. Isadora Winger, specifically, but no one ever called me Isadora. It’s just Issa.

IMG_9416I’m a foster kid. My dad… I never knew him. He was never around much, and I haven’t seen him since I was 2. I don’t remember him very well, and the FCA (Foster Care Act*) can’t find him.

My mom left me on the steps on FCA* at 3 years old, and drove off faster than a bullet, not caring a wink. She didn’t turn around, look back, or even glance in the rear view mirror.

I haven’t seen either of them since. And that was 9 years ago.

“Well young lady, looks like the Greene’s don’t want to foster you anymore either. Do you know how many foster home’s you’ve been through?” Martha snapped.

“Five thousand?” I sarcastically rolled my eyes.

“And that’s another thing! Your attitude, missy, is what’s getting you kicked out! No one wants a smart mouth!” Martha raved. Then she took a deep breath. “Luckily, I have been able to get in contact with another foster family that’s willing to take you in. You’ll meet them on Friday.”

“Great,” I sighed. Martha was my manager, you could call it. She was assigned to me by the FCA*, and she’s been helping me find foster home after foster home since I was 3.

“Come on. Let’s go to my house for the next two nights. Maybe we’ll have better luck with this family.” Martha led me out of the office.

Martha and I walked to her car, while I contemplated my life, and why I was here. Nobody loved me or wanted me. Well, besides maybe Martha. I was just a foster child, a hopeless girl with no future and no one to love her or take her in. Every place I go, I get kicked out of. Nobody loved me.

But who needs love anyways?

IMG_9450Turns out, I did. I was so thirsty for someone to love me, I didn’t recognize how I acted. It was my body craving kindness.

IMG_9451And some way or another, I got it.

To be continued…

*FCA is not necessarily a real thing, I just made it up for the story!

So, did y’all like it so far? :-)